May. 11th, 2010

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The thing that's annoying me most about the whole Diana Gabaldon thing?

The persistent comments of "Yeah, I know it's easier working with existing characters and plotlines, but you really should put in the extra effort and come up with your own..."

I don't know about you guys, but I for one loved how easy it was to come up with a way for Faith and Buffy to hang out mid-series, given that Faith was in jail and Buffy was... not.
and also... )

I love you, pre-existing characters and plotlines! Thank you for making my story writing so simple and effortless!
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Lilac (my computer) has not been feeling well. She keeps unexpectedly freezing - which is very upsetting for both of us.

(Don't worry - she's about to be all nice and healthy again. Apparently, the way to repair Macs is by opening up the "First Aid" application, hitting "Repair", and then continuing on with your day... *hugs Steve Jobs*)

But I did end up having a rather challenging problem to deal with last night.

It went like this:
- Date and time are wrong (Lilac is confused, poor dear, and thinks it's 2001).
- To reassure Lilac that it is, in fact, 2010, I need to open up the internet, with all its fabulous YES, THIS IS 2010 messages.
- Internet will not open.
- Lilac starts telling me that I want to open a dangerous, evil, and WRONG website, that clearly can't be trusted, and she is protecting me!
- I, on the other hand, am pretty sure that the Uni Website I'm opening (because I'm at uni and it needs my password before I can access any more internet) is safe and lovely.
- Lilac and I have a lengthy argument on the subject.
- Finally, I realise the problem. The EVIL UNI WEBSITE is, horrifyingly, telling Lilac that it's 2010. It LIES and is clearly EVIL AND MALICIOUS. Lilac is sure it's 2001, and needs to protect me against nasty people who keep lying to me about the date...


*pets my poor, sickly computer*


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