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This was written for [ profile] still_grrr's month of Happiness.

The comics (*glares at them*) inspired me, kind of...

Really Truly

Alive alive he’s alive

Buffy sits still, trying to think, with Dawn eyeing her cautiously as if she might explode.

The bastard didn’t let her know, it’s been months and he didn’t even tell her he’s alive but alive he is yes alive

Angry. She’s angry. Definitely.

What kind of idiotic, ridiculous vampire do you have to be to throw away years of relationship and decide it’s worthless and you’re not even – but he’s alive alive alive! really alive

Furious, even.

He’s stupid, and selfish, and it would serve him right if she didn’t talk to him for a few years, just so he can see what it feels like, moronic man, and stop being so annoying and horrible and alive and alive so alive he’s back yes alive not dead after all

What exactly is she supposed to feel, anyway?

Alive really really alive really real alive alive oh yes

Hurt, definitely.

Because he is alive, no, stupid, he’s stupid, that’s what she meant, stupid, selfish, and probably faking this whole wonderful mess just to spite her – but he’s really alive? it’s not going to be some horrible dream that – no, he’s alive, he’s got to be alive alive alive alive

And angry. Upset. And stuff like that.

Ridiculous idiot, who’s completely incompetent, alive, alive, selfish, alive cowardly alive alive yes really alive he sucks he’s alive alive! alive annoying man alive alive so alive he’s real alive it’s not over not done alive alive alive oh yes alive

She know she should be all those things – she’ll get there in a minute. But right now, for some reason she just can’t stop smiling…

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