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Somehow, in the next few weeks, I have to figure out how to write an essay.

People keep looking at me rather strangely when I say that. (Mostly people from my course - who are all Arts students, and spent their entire uni lives writing essays. They can't quite fathom that Engineering involved repeated maths problems and a complete lack of essays.)

Actually, thinking about it rationally, I should be able to do this easily enough. After all:

- It's only supposed to be 1500 words. In the last few years I've written 16 fanfics that were longer. Most of those only took an afternoon.

- I've written plenty of meta, and other almost-meta-ish stuff. That's basically like writing an essay.

- I wrote essays in high school. (Very badly - but still...)

But I've never written a uni essay before. And I really, really want to do well at this course. It's much more important to me than most of the things I've written - and thus much harder to write.

*sighs* I'll get there. Eventually.

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Having your lecturer offer to look at your resumé and give you tips?

Your lecturer describing your resumé as "solid - but not lively"?
Pretty good, I guess. (After all, I can make it livelier; it'd be pretty hard to solidify the thing.)

Your lecturer hearing that there's a lack of editors at a company, and thinking of you?

Your lecturer telling you to apply, and spending half an hour on the phone giving you tips?
Really good.

Your lecturer, in the middle of telling you to "liven up" your resumé, suggesting that you should say you're in an editing course and "doing extremely well"?
Awesome. So awesome.

All of these happening in the same day?
*grins excitedly*
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(For non-Aussies: an HD means I got at least 80% for a subject. It's the highest mark you can get.)

*squees and runs around like a mad thing*


May. 17th, 2010 08:57 pm
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I got to go on an excursion!


To a publishing house!


Where we talked to marketing people, and publicity people, and publishing rights people, and NONE of the editors! Because none of us want to, for instance, actually do editing as a career!

*glares* was still pretty interesting, though.
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I’ve been corrected in the comments to my last post for pluralising “Mary-Sue” incorrectly.

And while part of me wants to wave my editing course in people’s faces and go “I know better than anyone! Hah!” and another part of me wants to change it so that people won’t think I am bad at punctuation, I thought it might be more interesting to make a post about it – because I’m obsessed with language, and find this stuff far too fascinating.

plural names )

So: was I right? Or wrong? Or should I have done something completely different?
Tell me in the comments!


Apr. 6th, 2010 03:23 pm
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Did I mention that computers kinda suck? Because they do.

I got wordy... )

Please note: I am not wanting computing solutions.
Please do not tell me how to fix the situation with this really cool program I can install in under five minutes. I don't want to know.
Please do tell me how I can fix the situation with a ferret, two pounds of sugar, and some nuclear launch codes. I definitely do want to know.
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Brought my Collins English Dictionary.
Brought my Fowler's Modern English.
Brought my Guide To Grammar.
Brought my Hart's Guide to Style.
Felt very organised.

Forgot my folder, which contains my pens, my notes, and my homework...

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From my editing textbook, in a brief explanation of metric units:

"One millipicture is a quantity of art equivalent in value to one word."

It confused me – and then it made me laugh.
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Last week, our lecturer handed out lots of paper with interesting diagrams about the publishing industry.

And this week, he noticed that one of them had a spelling mistake on it - so he redid the diagram, minus spelling mistake, and handed it out to us again, so that we wouldn't get distracted by bad spelling.

...finally. People who think the way I do. *grins happily*
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1) That storm is still going. We're now onto Thunder Round 3, still accompanied by huge amounts of rain. No more hail, though.

2) It really bugs me that everyone who's ever talked about it thinks that Whitehat is about Nancy retaining her memories of the Wishverse afterwards.
It's actually set in early season 2 - which I've given clues to by having Larry still being a jerk. And everyone apparently thinks it's in season 3 and that Larry's just being a jerk because I wasn't paying attention... *sighs*

3) Caleb has started saying "Mum" and "Dad" instead of "Mummy" and "Daddy". This is weirding me out.

4) In preparing for yet more storm I went candle hunting, and discovered a huge supply of candles I'd never realised I had. I don't even remember buying them...

5) In season 5 of AtS, I agree much less (than the other seasons) with Angel's decisions, but still sympathise with him much more. Anyone else have similar reactions?

6) I now know many interesting facts about the Battle of Vienna. This editing course has unexpected side-benefits.
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I have a copy of Hart's Rules!
It has rules for editing spelling! And for the page numbers! And for printing excerpts in Greek! And for publishing lists of maths equations!

*drools over awesome book of awesome*

(Seriously - I literally squeed over this thing during the class last night. Most normal people would think I was insane.)

In other news: FOUR text messages in the middle of last night. The first one arrived at 10:20, and for some reason I thought it was my alarm, misread the time as 6:20, got up, and had a shower. Then I had to go back to bed with sopping wet hair...

Catching Up

Mar. 1st, 2010 08:09 am
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I'm back in the land of the living!

For the last few days, my life has consisted of short bursts of activity followed by long stretches of sleep. Acting shouldn't be this exhausting, it really shouldn't...

But as of this morning, things are back to normal, and I can finally start answering all the email I got last week.

- Josh has discovered the delight of taking my glasses off my face and getting them covered in fingerprints. A nuisance, but so cute!

- I'm trying to write two fanfics, and not doing very well. Need plotbunnies, dammit.

- Having mints and then tea makes the tea taste like coffee. Bleargh. Horrifying.

- Happy Birthday to [ profile] washa_way and (belatedly) to [ profile] dreamincolor! You guys rock!

- Trying to convince myself I really can afford to go to Writercon UK. After all, getting to England can't be that expensive...

- Editing course starts this evening. I'm excited, but slightly intimidated.


Dec. 8th, 2009 06:30 pm
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Please to be noting the tag on this post. This whole debacle is getting truly ridiculous.

Having accepted my course (finally), I now have to enrol.

...which I just tried doing.

I have three subjects to enrol in - all of which have "co-requisites". Those co-requisites being... the other two subjects. Because, if you're doing any one of the subjects, you also have to do the other two.

And the computer system WON'T LET ME APPLY. Because...

Wait for it...

No, really...

......."You can't do subject A - because you haven't done subjects B or C yet. And, no, we won't let you do subject B. Because if you're going to do that, you have to be doing subject A (which you haven't successfully applied for yet). And no, subject C is out of the question. You can only do that if you're also doing the other two."

This is happening while I'm trying to enrol in ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME.



Nov. 26th, 2009 01:18 pm
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I've been accepted for the Editing course I applied for! Woo!

As of next year, all my free time will be sucked up in doing a course in something I might still prove to be horribly incompetent at! And I still might not get a job out of it!


(Of course, it's not like the uni would really turn down the opportunity to take my money - but I was still nervous.)

ETA: Hmmm. Used the word "still" four times in one tiny post...
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I just spent half an hour on the phone, trying desperately to get one sentence's worth of information out of my uni.

Here, for your amusement, is the gripping tale of my phonecall, as summarised in who-I-was-talking-to headings...

so very sick of phones )
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In order to do a post-graduate course at my uni, I need to have a copy of my secondary school results.

This being the same uni I did my original course at - the course that I couldn't have got into without the uni seeing my secondary school results, way back then.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't they already know that I finished secondary school?

I have now spent several hours searching every corner of my house, rung five different organisations, each of whom told me to ring a different one, been lectured on why I'm being dimwitted and disorganised by a phone-answering lady, and handed over $31 so that I can get a piece of paper proving that I did, in fact, finish secondary school.



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