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I'm experimenting with tea.

I ran out, last week. So I dutifully headed down to the tea shop to stock up.

Usually, I'll buy one black tea I've had before (and know I like) and one that I've never tried. This time, I decided to be different, and buy a non-black tea I've never tried: Roses.

Yep. Roses. It smelled like pot-pourri; it tastes like... well, kind of like what you'd expect mushy petals in hot water to taste like. (Not good, in fact.)

I could always throw out my drinkable pot-pourri and return to familiar old black tea... but instead, I decided to experiment.

I am now drinking black tea (flavoured with a slight hint of vanilla) combined with a lot of roses. And with milk in it.

It's actually pretty nice...
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Maccas seems determined to ban all my favourite burgers.

First it was the McOz. And now the McFeast has stopped existing too! I was horrified.

They seem to think that the only reason you'd want a burger with tomato is if you're a health nut, in which case you'll want to eat their Healthy Choices range instead.
But since I find the Healthy Choices stuff bland, uninspiring, and frankly a bit like eating cardboard, I'm not likely to switch.

Bring back my McFeasts, Maccas! *shakes fist*
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I made caramel slice!

It was yummy!

I'm a success!
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Not only am I the proud possessor of a secret rubbish bin, hidden furtively under my desk, but I've now snuck in my own tea.

I'm heartily sick of the crappy tea options available at my work (basically, no-name brand in teabags - horrible stuff).
My desk now has a space set aside for some quality loose-leaf English Breakfast, and an infuser.

I have just had the first worthwhile cup of tea I've ever drunk at work, and am feeling very happy and content.

Vive La Revolution!

(Having studied my tea leaves, I'm fairly convinced that they depict a couple of roosters standing under a tree. I'm sure that's probably terribly significant in some obscure way...)
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There are now two places in the city that know what food I'm going to order - and start preparing it the moment I walk through the door.

And there's another one that no longer ask me what name to call out when my lunch is ready - they know it off-by-heart.

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I had a fondue party last night, with a whole bunch of friends from uni.

It was extremely excellent.

Unfortunately, as tends to happen, I now have:
-5 dirty wine glasses
-6 dirty glasses of the non-stemmed variety
-a whole lot of other dirty dishes
-extra un-used bread
-extra un-used dip
-half a kilogram of defrosted raw prawns
-half a bottle of white wine
-no leftover cider
-an incredibly dirty tablecloth

We also managed to set the stove on fire. (I have an electric stove.) That was fun.


In other news, I've been growing my hair in a deliberate attempt to be able to get it off the back of my neck on 40 degree (104 F) days.
And I succeeded!
Just in time for a full week of 40 and 41 degree days.


Dec. 10th, 2008 10:26 am
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Does the rest of the world seriously NOT have lemon lime and bitters?

(By which I mean the drink known as LL&B - I'm aware that you guys have lemons.)


How will I survive?
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I've found a place in the city that sells bagels.



Nov. 26th, 2008 12:39 pm
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Welcome to day 24 of Not Eating Too Much Cheese.

...and what did our newly health-conscious host eat today?

Well, last night I was out quite late (nephew-sitting), so I didn't have time to restock my kitchen with edible stuff. This morning, therefore, I bought my lunch in the city.
I went to my usual emergency-breakfast-buying place, and got myself a ham and cheese croissant.

I just had lunch with my dad. He has about the same tastebuds as me, so he took me to his favourite having-lunch-with-daughter restaurant: a very fancy pizza place. I had a ham and pineapple pizza.

And that was when I remembered that I'm going out to dinner this evening, at a pizza restaurant, and that I was planning on ordering my favourite: ham and pineapple pizza.

I'm very close to overdosing on cheese and ham right now...
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I've been almost entirely without internet for four days straight.
This was not good.

In the meantime, lots of things have been happening...

pink milk, and hospital gowns )
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1) Skirts are so much nicer than pants - unless said pants are jeans.

2) Drinking ginger beer CORDIAL without diluting it first will really wake you up.

3) If I want to write Faith completely in-character, I need to be listening to either Aqua songs, or the Bob The Builder soundtrack.

4) Although the ads are fun, I really don't see how it would be possible to do dog training over the internet.

5) Applying for jobs takes far too much time.

6) Really expensive chocolate is absolutely worth every cent.
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I really am rather in love with our coffee machine.

Which is kind of weird, because I don't drink coffee.

But my work has a spectacular coffee machine that can produce fifteen different varieties of coffee, and the most delicious hot chocolate I've had in ages.
For free.

I take advantage of this as often as possible.
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The government decided to give all us public servants free health checks. And, according to health check nurse, my cholesterol is WAY too high.

Given that my family have a habit of dropping dead from heart attacks, this could be a problem.

She's advised me to take long walks at lunchtime (which I was planning on doing anyway), to stop eating fast food for lunch (pity - but very sensible), and to eat less cheese (*cries piteously*).

I've been flipping through my recipe books, looking for yummy non-cheese related recipes... and all my favourite dinners turn out to have far too much cheese. This is not good.
Oh, but CHEESE. I love cheese!

At any rate, my glucose level is actually low, so I'm still allowed to eat massive amounts of chocolate, should I feel so inclined...
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I had a milkshake with lunch.
And I know I'm going to feel queasy for the rest of the day, but I don't CARE. It tasted WONDERFUL!

This is the problem with being mildly lactose intolerant.

After all, if I was so allergic to something that a bite would kill me horribly, I'd stay away from it. As it is, I can't help myself. I know that it's going to make me feel horrible afterwards, but it's JUST SO NICE.
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There are some things in my life that officially qualify as awesome:

- talking to my two-year-old nephew on the phone and having him tell me about his day

- having a job where I can climb over the barriers at the end of train platforms (the ones with the huge signs saying DO NOT PASS THIS BARRIER! OFFENDERS WILL BE PROSECUTED!) and not get in trouble for it

- eating chocolate biscuits and watching silly sci-fi shows

- walking around my backyard and watching my cat follow me (because he misses me when I'm not here...)

- working two blocks down from Melbourne's newest Krispy Kreme shop

- owning a really funky walking stick, and having no-one in my house to look at me strangely when I use it just for fun

...and that is all.
For the moment, anyway.
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Okay. Doctor Who, Agatha Christie, and Felicity Kendal? That might just be one of the greatest combinations in television history.

Nice Stuff

Jul. 8th, 2008 08:05 pm
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I can make rissoles!  Proper rissoles! That actually stay together and everything, rather than collapsing in a mincey heap the moment I try to flip them!

I'm a success!

In other news, I had a visit from my sister and Caleb this afternoon, and he is as adorable as ever.

*happy sigh*
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Today my mum made me a sandwich for lunch.

Except it wasn't exactly a sandwich. A sandwich is to my lunch, what an onion is to a blooming onion.

It was all laid out on a plate, like they'd do it in a fancy restaurant:
-bread (with crusts cut off), cut into 'soldiers' and arranged in a circle
-shredded cheese
-diced tomato
-lettuce leaves
all placed on the top of it (very artistically), and sprinkled with mayonnaise.

I ate my sandwich with a knife and fork, and felt extremely elegant.
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I got a birthday cake last night.
And yes - my birthday was nearly a month ago. But one of the people in my small group had her birthday this week, and because I joined the group after my birthday, they decreed that the birthday cake was for both of us. Yay!

Is it bad that I now want to work my way through the Women's Weekly cookbook, and bake all the cakes, just for me?


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