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It occurs to me that, if you decided to become an identity thief, becoming a mobile phone salesman would be a really good start.

Got a new phone (an IPHONE) yesterday, and I had to give them:
- my driver's license
- my credit card
- my Medicare card
- my address
- how long I've lived there
- where I work
- my boss's name and contact number
- how long I've worked there
- my signature (three times)
- my bank account details


I'm going to wake up next week to discover that my bank account is empty and the guy who sold me my phone has moved to Hawaii, aren't I?

(And to prove, once again, that computers do indeed hate me, my phone decided not to connect to the network for three hours after it should have, and I had to talk to FOUR different customer help line guys before they could figure out what was wrong.)
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Lilac is in computer hospital, waiting for a frontal lobotomy.**

Thankfully, I have her personality saved on an external hard-drive, so she'll be able to make a nearly-full recovery.

*misses my files*

Actually, this is costing me no money, and is getting done for me by cheerful Mac guys who smile and make reassuring jokes when I go in to wibble at them over Lilac being sick. So... pretty good, in some ways.

** Well, actually a removal of all RAM, but that doesn't sound nearly so fascinating.
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Lilac (my computer) has not been feeling well. She keeps unexpectedly freezing - which is very upsetting for both of us.

(Don't worry - she's about to be all nice and healthy again. Apparently, the way to repair Macs is by opening up the "First Aid" application, hitting "Repair", and then continuing on with your day... *hugs Steve Jobs*)

But I did end up having a rather challenging problem to deal with last night.

It went like this:
- Date and time are wrong (Lilac is confused, poor dear, and thinks it's 2001).
- To reassure Lilac that it is, in fact, 2010, I need to open up the internet, with all its fabulous YES, THIS IS 2010 messages.
- Internet will not open.
- Lilac starts telling me that I want to open a dangerous, evil, and WRONG website, that clearly can't be trusted, and she is protecting me!
- I, on the other hand, am pretty sure that the Uni Website I'm opening (because I'm at uni and it needs my password before I can access any more internet) is safe and lovely.
- Lilac and I have a lengthy argument on the subject.
- Finally, I realise the problem. The EVIL UNI WEBSITE is, horrifyingly, telling Lilac that it's 2010. It LIES and is clearly EVIL AND MALICIOUS. Lilac is sure it's 2001, and needs to protect me against nasty people who keep lying to me about the date...


*pets my poor, sickly computer*


Oct. 22nd, 2009 09:27 pm
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You know all those beepy noises a computer makes when it's giving you an error message?

On the way home tonight, I was listening to the radio, and halfway through a song it suddenly dissolved into lots of Error Beeping.

Then, after a few seconds of embarrassed silence, the announcer came on and said, "Err... sorry about that. We switched to Windows 7 this morning... Uh... sorry..."


*huggles my new Mac*
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This just in: when you're at a party, and one of the people who lives there has just gone to bed, and the other one has announced that she's going to have a bath and start getting ready for bed...
In fact, it would probably be a good time to start going home.


In completely unrelated news, I had a housewarming last night.

A bit weird, really, because I've lived in this house for almost two years now. But [ profile] superangelic (my new housemate) suggested that we have a housewarming, and I'd never had one for here, so we spent the evening warming our house by packing it full of lots of people.
(By "lots", I mean twelve. [ profile] superangelic and I seem to have very similar ideas on parties - namely, that they be smallish and over by 11.)

It was fun! I got to catch up with my uni people, meet some of my housemate's friends, and eat chocolate.
Also, [ profile] danielrh very kindly got my internet working properly - so I'm now typing this with my shiny new laptop! Woo!

(Sidenote: I'm used to turning computers on, going and having a cup of tea, and then coming back to see if it's finished turning on yet. Whereas my new Mac (henceforth to be known as "Lilac") turns on in under three seconds. SO COOL.)
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It's a Macbook Pro, and it's so pretty, and shiny, and wonderful!

Err... not that I've actually turned it on yet. It's currently busy getting the battery charged.
But I drove home last night with it in a big cardboard box next to me, patting it affectionately whenever we stopped at the lights. I'm so excited!

Now I can actually chuck out my old dumb computer that keeps doing things wrong, and use this new one instead.

And it's so little! And sleek! And funky! Woo!

*sighs a happy sigh of happy*
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