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Sep. 8th, 2010 06:29 am
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Being Late For Work + Craving Thai Food = Iron Deficiency

Who knew?

(Being late for work - several days in a row - caused by the fact that I've been waking up exhausted. And the Thai place must think the only thing I ever eat is beef and lots of it...)

In other news, my sister has presented me with a gorgeous pencil skirt. I will wear it today, and feel very pretty. :)
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- Voted in an election that still has no result. Apparently, our country has no firm opinions, and can't decide who we want in charge.

- Went to a birthday dinner for my sister. Three excitable nephews, LOTS of pasta, and a nice time. Also, the boyfriend met the rest of my family. :)

- Abandoned the new novel I'm halfway through, and picked up an Agatha Christie novel I've read several times. Had just got to the first murder (strangled girl guide) when I remembered that I'm actually trying to learn Latin and haven't looked at it for a while. Abandoned murder mystery before the second murder (drowned grandfather) and turned to Latin accusative forms - and then realised the second murder is where the whole thing gets interesting, and returned to Agatha Christie.
I seem to be indecisive...

- When I got home last night, Smudge (the kitten) came running to the door, realised it was me, and walked off disappointed. He's definitely a one-woman-cat.

- Played Knightmare Chess with the boyfriend today, who beat me very quickly - despite the fact that I'd ended up with 4 queens.

- Am halfway through House season 6. I think this might end up being my favourite season of the show. It's brilliant.

- Next weekend, by hook or by crook, I am getting new plants for my garden and planting them where the Evil Roses Of Doom have been sitting. It's spring, and I need my pretty flowers!
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1) Am currently posting from housemate's computer, because Lilac is stubbornly refusing to turn on at ALL. This is inhibiting my ability to do very important homework - and also to check very unimportant (but fun) internetness.

2) Went to my ten year high school reunion last night. One of my classmates had a comb-over. This is making me feel old...

3) Have almost no voice, due to being sick this week. Made worse by a) talking to people at the very loud reunion, and b) spending ages on the phone to the Apple guys trying to placate Lilac.

4) Have no heating in my house. Very freezing. I've set up a tiny little space heater, which Smudge adores and is lying in front of looking cute and kittenish. Elf is taking advantage of this distraction to enjoy the rest of the house, kitten-harrassment-free.

5) Have a messy house. Really should clean it up. Have no time.

So... no voice, no computer, no heating... *sighs*

Life is good. I have lovely nephews, and pattable cats, and a bookcase of fascinating reading material, and a piano, and cough drops, and wine, and I WILL BE HAPPY, DAMMIT.

*glares at world stubbornly*
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- If I could get rid of everything else in the comics, but leave Satsu, I'd be rather happy with that. She kinda rocks.

- I am utterly and completely squicked by Castiel (from Supernatural) and what happened to Donna (in Doctor Who), but have absolutely no problems with Dollhouse. Weird...

- I need many more icons of Dawn. And of Buffy.

- The Heroes writers really should have stuck to their original plan and had each season focusing on an entirely different group with a totally different plotline. I think it would have worked.

- Matt Smith is fast becoming my favourite Doctor ever.

In other news, my cat is being bossed around by a kitten approximately one-eighth of his size, my house is recovering from a fondue party, and my remix fic will NOT GET WRITTEN.
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1) That storm is still going. We're now onto Thunder Round 3, still accompanied by huge amounts of rain. No more hail, though.

2) It really bugs me that everyone who's ever talked about it thinks that Whitehat is about Nancy retaining her memories of the Wishverse afterwards.
It's actually set in early season 2 - which I've given clues to by having Larry still being a jerk. And everyone apparently thinks it's in season 3 and that Larry's just being a jerk because I wasn't paying attention... *sighs*

3) Caleb has started saying "Mum" and "Dad" instead of "Mummy" and "Daddy". This is weirding me out.

4) In preparing for yet more storm I went candle hunting, and discovered a huge supply of candles I'd never realised I had. I don't even remember buying them...

5) In season 5 of AtS, I agree much less (than the other seasons) with Angel's decisions, but still sympathise with him much more. Anyone else have similar reactions?

6) I now know many interesting facts about the Battle of Vienna. This editing course has unexpected side-benefits.

Catching Up

Mar. 1st, 2010 08:09 am
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I'm back in the land of the living!

For the last few days, my life has consisted of short bursts of activity followed by long stretches of sleep. Acting shouldn't be this exhausting, it really shouldn't...

But as of this morning, things are back to normal, and I can finally start answering all the email I got last week.

- Josh has discovered the delight of taking my glasses off my face and getting them covered in fingerprints. A nuisance, but so cute!

- I'm trying to write two fanfics, and not doing very well. Need plotbunnies, dammit.

- Having mints and then tea makes the tea taste like coffee. Bleargh. Horrifying.

- Happy Birthday to [ profile] washa_way and (belatedly) to [ profile] dreamincolor! You guys rock!

- Trying to convince myself I really can afford to go to Writercon UK. After all, getting to England can't be that expensive...

- Editing course starts this evening. I'm excited, but slightly intimidated.
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Hurrah for the weekend!
I am curled up with my cat, feeling very relaxed. Had friends over this evening, which was fun.

In less fun news, my dvd player is having issues - expensive issues, of the cheaper-to-buy-a-new-one variety. Might have to go shopping at some point, or else I'll be restricted to watching things on my computer. :(

I really need to stop playing Plants Vs Zombies and go to bed. But it's just so fun!


Feb. 3rd, 2010 08:50 pm
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Had some fancy china delivered yesterday - in a box that could have fit ten times as much china in it, but instead (to prevent breakages) was filled mostly with shredded paper. In fact, there was so much shredded paper in it that it took me over ten minutes to find the china...

We've been having rehearsals in a theatre with lots of chalk outlines painted on the floor (are they still chalk outlines if they're painted?). It's kinda freaky trying to rehearse while avoiding imaginary dead bodies.

I'm making caramel slice again! Woo! *feels very domestic*

Plants vs Zombies is a fantastic computer game, and far too addictive. (And I'm doing very well at it.)
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1) Yesterday, I was driving home (on a major, three-lane road) and the entire road suddenly slowed to a halt. We all sat there and watched while an echidna slowly waddled its way across the road... and drove off only once we'd all made sure it was safely on the grassy bit.

2) Just saw someone on the internet talking about driving in Melbourne, and mentioning hook-turns (which I'd expect) and roundabouts (which surprised me). Does the rest of the world not use roundabouts, or something? I'm sure I've seen them in movies...

3) Okay, I give up. How on earth do housenumbers work in America?
Here, we (very sensibly) start with "1" at the end of the street, and count up until we get to the other end. So how does an ordinary street in California end up with "1530" as the number on the letterbox?
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So, what have I been up to for the last week or so?

1) Christmas shopping. Finally got it all done, and then discovered on the day that I'd bought Alex the same present as Mum had - so I have to return one of them.

2) Christmas celebratoryness. Otherwise known as a church thing, a family thing, another church thing, another family thing, yet another family thing, and an ungainly collapse.

3) SLEEP. Yesterday I was still taking a three hour nap in the middle of the day... but as of today, I think I'm actually back to normal.

4) Nephew-sitting. Which included supervising two little boys, who have decided that the best part of bath time is getting to throw water at each other. (I also had to smack Alex for the first time ever at one point, which made me feel horribly guilty, even though it was the right thing to do. But he started crying, and looked so horrified, and... *guilts*)

5) Watching Josh almost walk by himself. He's so close! Any second now he's going to be walking without any help from anyone.

6) Having my housemate leave. She's decided to move back in with her parents. So I'm by myself again...

7) Trying very hard to come up with a fanfic for this week's challenge. And failing. I am idea-less.

8) Doing cross-stitch. (I am SO SICK of stitching in brown and yellow.)

9) Staying indoors, where it's vaguely cool. Outside, it's 36 degrees (97 F).

10) Watching episodes of Big Bang Theory, and laughing hysterically.
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- Kate Lockley is much more awesome than I remember her being.

- Josh is cute, but very frustrating when he won't stop crying.

- Caramel slice needs more crushed biscuit in it, next time.

- Cross-stitch takes FOREVER.

- Terry Pratchett is rather fabulous.

- I should never take BtVS season 4 out of my collection and leave the rest sitting there, because it means I currently have an eyeless Buffy staring at me from across the room... with her disembodied eyes sitting elsewhere, and also staring at me.

- Nephew-wrangling is an elite skill, and should come with a manual.

- There is such a thing as too much chocolate mud cake.

- Angel wearing hawaiian shirts is rather hilarious.
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1) One of my friends just came over with a long-stemmed rose and a card, to say "thanks for being such a good friend".
He's just lovely sometimes...

2) You know, if you watched Farscape season 1, without looking closely at the screen the whole way through, you'd miss so much stuff about Crichton and Aeryn's relationship - because it's all so entirely visual, and yet barely mentioned at all.

I just watched a scene full of shippy wonderfulness - but from the dialogue, you'd think they were having a completely mundane conversation about random everyday life.

3) [ profile] curiouswombat, you've got me learning Sindarin. I'm already trying to learn French, and Latin, and other non-fictional languages. I don't have time for this one too, dammit!
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1) There should so be a fanfic starring Tru Davies, George Lass, and Ned the Piemaker.**

** Virtual internet cookies to anyone who can name all three shows. (And if you can get two of them, you'll probably be able to guess an awful lot about the third...)

2) While I have a wide variety of reasons for not listening to some songs on the radio - such as crappy music, annoying lyrics, having those guys in the background who are just there to say the name of the singer at random point (usually "Beyonce!", or "Madonna!"), or so forth - I've now got one which is weirder than most.

Every time that "Romeo and Juliet" song comes on, I roll my eyes at someone comparing their love story to Romeo and Juliet and thinking that it's a romance rather than a tragedy, and I change the station - because I refuse to listen to the song until she goes back to uni and gets a better understanding of Shakespeare.

3) The backwards traffic lights outside Knox City now go forwards!

For those who have no idea what I mean (probably most of you): there's this one set of traffic lights, near my house, where the traffic light sequence is the complete opposite to normal - sort of like normal traffic lights go 'clockwise', and these go 'anti-clockwise', or something.

Except now they don't - they go the same way as all the others.

And it's weirding me out, because the Wrong Way Traffic Lights now go the Right Way, which is just completely wrong, and it feels very NOT RIGHT watching them going the Right Way, because they're supposed to go the Wrong Way, and it's all...

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1) It's really nice to look through old jewellery, discover something you'd completely forgotten about, and realise that it just happens to go perfectly with all your outfits...

2) I filled in an internet survey today that, among other things, asked about people's political views. ("Are you a: Conservative, b: Liberal, c: Socialist, d: Anarchist, etc...")
Annoyingly, the first letter of the answers were all capitalised (as demonstrated above), so I almost got very confused.
In Australia, you see, there is an enormous difference between a liberal and a Liberal. Politically, they're polar opposites.

3) There is no way Tara would beat Gwen Raiden in a showdown, no matter what blogging comic book geeks might think.

4) You really do feel quite ridiculous having a two-year-old run up to you in a crowded restaurant and announce "I did a WEE!" at the top of his lungs, and having to respond with delighted enthusiasm while ignoring all the odd looks from other customers.

5) Frasier really is an enormously fun show.
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1) It is my last day of holidays. On Monday I go back to work. *sobs piteously*

2) It's also exactly a year today since I, trembling with fear, posted my very first fanfic. Since then I have posted over 50 fics and 50 drabbles, written lots of meta, read even more meta, discussed old episodes, new comics, and various other shenanigans, got several dozen icons, and made quite a few friends on the other side of the world...

3) Out of the three cats I am well aquainted with, my parents' cat Rupert has the best purr, my sister's cat Max has the best will-you-pat-me-please meow, and Elf has the best oh-you're-patting-me-so-WELL stretch.
Must use my Science Lab Of DOOM to combine them all in one SuperCat.

4) For the first time in weeks, I have no dishes waiting to be washed, no dishes soaking in the sink, and no dishes in my drying rack. *feels very tidy and organised*

5) I love Killing Heidi and all their music.

6) Everyone seems to be posting Fic I Wrote This Year posts. But, given #2, I'd just end up linking everyone to my fic list, which is already fairly accessible...

7) My most popular post this year was on The Vegemite Effect, with 65 comments.
(Interestingly enough, my second most popular post was this one (59 comments), in which I lamented the lack of Lemon Lime and Bitters drinks outside Australia. My flist seems to have a fascination with Aussie food...)

8) The friendships that last for ages are never the ones you expected to.

9) Somewhere over the course of this year, I've actually started liking herbal tea. Oh the shame!
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1) Summer is here! As is December (coincidentally).
That being the case, I must find time, this evening, to put up all my Christmas decorations.

2) Caleb, used to adults referring to me as "Auntie Deird", has always called me "DEE!"
Now, however, he's realised that there's kind of a mini vowel shift in the middle somewhere. So I've suddenly become "Ahn Dey-ard".

3) Every time I see the little speed-bumpy thingys in between escalators at Parliament station, I get an inexplicable urge to sit on the middle bit, and slide down - speed bumps or no speed bumps.

4) Tea with milk and sugar is GOOD.

5) I'm about to have one of the busiest weeks of my year, and somewhere in there I've got to find the time to write a whole bunch of fic, AND a mini drama for a Carols service.

6) One day, in the far-off reaches of time, I will eventually get to England. Today, though, is not that day...

7) I really, really need sleep. But have a whole day of work to get through. Am substituting for sleep with tea and internet. Seems to work.
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1) Skirts are so much nicer than pants - unless said pants are jeans.

2) Drinking ginger beer CORDIAL without diluting it first will really wake you up.

3) If I want to write Faith completely in-character, I need to be listening to either Aqua songs, or the Bob The Builder soundtrack.

4) Although the ads are fun, I really don't see how it would be possible to do dog training over the internet.

5) Applying for jobs takes far too much time.

6) Really expensive chocolate is absolutely worth every cent.
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There are some things in my life that officially qualify as awesome:

- talking to my two-year-old nephew on the phone and having him tell me about his day

- having a job where I can climb over the barriers at the end of train platforms (the ones with the huge signs saying DO NOT PASS THIS BARRIER! OFFENDERS WILL BE PROSECUTED!) and not get in trouble for it

- eating chocolate biscuits and watching silly sci-fi shows

- walking around my backyard and watching my cat follow me (because he misses me when I'm not here...)

- working two blocks down from Melbourne's newest Krispy Kreme shop

- owning a really funky walking stick, and having no-one in my house to look at me strangely when I use it just for fun

...and that is all.
For the moment, anyway.


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