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Last night, the boyfriend and I went to an improvisational theatre performance.

For the first half, we listened to Jane Austen, Jackie Collins, HP Lovecraft, and... some other guy... as they told each other stories. (Yes, this was more exciting than it sounds.)

Jane Austen's tale involved Fanny Smithson and Harold Jones falling in love over mathematics and telescopes, while Lovecraft told a very creepy tale involving four masks - and only managed to get to three of them before the performance ran out of time, thus handily giving me nightmares about what the fourth mask would do.

Then, for the second half, we watched a court case.

They asked for suggestions from the audience of random objects that could be submitted into evidence. We suggested a rubber mallet - and they promptly decided that the defendant was a clown who had killed her fellow clown by substituting a metal mallet for the standard rubber mallet, thus causing a weight imbalance that made the clown fall to her death during the high-wire unicycle act.

So we listened to lots of circusy witnesses, telling us exciting tales of clown love, affairs with the ringmaster, the props master being seduced by the bearded lady, and malicious rubber mallet substitutions by all sorts of people.

It was wonderful fun.

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Sep. 2nd, 2010 10:47 am
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I kind of suck at Scrabble.

Not because I'm actually bad at it, exactly. I can think of lots of exciting words to put down, that would fit perfectly on the "double" and "triple" squares. The problem is - I keep on thinking of them even when it's not my turn.

Last night, I turned "RAZE" into "RAZED", and promptly got lots of points (because of the Z). And then went, "Oh, hey, if you had a C you could make it "CRAZED"..."
Lo and behold, the boyfriend did in fact have a C, and got even more points than I'd just got.


This happened several times last night.
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Anyone who suggests going to the circus, joins me in eating chocolate and making silly comments about the jugglers, lets me hold onto his arm and get scared when the motorbikes are whizzing round the big metal ball thing*, and spends the intermission getting fascinated by the tent's support structures and musing about how the whole thing is put up...

...that right there is someone who is officially incredible.

* Really scary! What if they crash? What if they fall off the bikes in midair?! What if the whole ball comes off its supports and starts careening into the audience, with bikers still inside?!! OH THE SUSPENSE!
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- Voted in an election that still has no result. Apparently, our country has no firm opinions, and can't decide who we want in charge.

- Went to a birthday dinner for my sister. Three excitable nephews, LOTS of pasta, and a nice time. Also, the boyfriend met the rest of my family. :)

- Abandoned the new novel I'm halfway through, and picked up an Agatha Christie novel I've read several times. Had just got to the first murder (strangled girl guide) when I remembered that I'm actually trying to learn Latin and haven't looked at it for a while. Abandoned murder mystery before the second murder (drowned grandfather) and turned to Latin accusative forms - and then realised the second murder is where the whole thing gets interesting, and returned to Agatha Christie.
I seem to be indecisive...

- When I got home last night, Smudge (the kitten) came running to the door, realised it was me, and walked off disappointed. He's definitely a one-woman-cat.

- Played Knightmare Chess with the boyfriend today, who beat me very quickly - despite the fact that I'd ended up with 4 queens.

- Am halfway through House season 6. I think this might end up being my favourite season of the show. It's brilliant.

- Next weekend, by hook or by crook, I am getting new plants for my garden and planting them where the Evil Roses Of Doom have been sitting. It's spring, and I need my pretty flowers!


Aug. 7th, 2010 09:13 pm
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NICE: playing with Caleb, and having him decide that opening a toy car's doors would make the car into an aeroplane.

NICE: feeding chooks with Caleb, reading books with Caleb, and pretty much anything else I did with Caleb this morning.

NOT NICE: cleaning up the many dishes left by Caleb, after he went home.

NICE: seeing boyfriend.

NOT NICE: having boyfriend go home to study.

NICE: eating sticky-date pudding, and patting two purring cats.

NOT NICE: picking up far too many chairs at my church, carrying them to another room for a few hours, then carrying them all back again.

NICE: coming home to two still-purring cats.

Overall? A good day.


Aug. 1st, 2010 06:08 am
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Very busy day.

yesterday ...with footnotes )

The reason for all the packing? My parents are going to America for two weeks, and I'm housesitting for them.

I am now sleeping in my old bed, cooking in my old kitchen, and feeling eerily teenagered.

My cat is NOT happy with this sudden relocating, and is running around meowing in upset tones. This is impossible to sleep through - and the reason I was up before 6 this morning...
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Not the most exciting of weeks...

Still have whooping cough. *brandishes antibiotics* Hopefully not for too much longer. I'm feeling much better.

Still have way too much work. Really need to do more of that.

Also still have a rather lovely guy being lovely at me. *grins happily* This is a very good thing - and is making my week much nicer, despite the aforementioned whooping cough.

Now, if I could just think of something to write about...

(I'm also doing the 30 days of TV meme on DW, for anyone who's interested.)


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