Hero (vid)

Apr. 8th, 2010 04:09 am
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It shouldn't be possible to dream up, create, and post a vid in under a day – especially if you're working full time for the bulk of that day – but I have.

In my defence, Emmie was sad. And Emmie being sad is an emergency situation that must be dealt with forthwith.

So, here is my Make Emmie Not Sad vid.

It's called Hero: A Love Letter To Buffy Summers. Because Buffy is the Hero, dammit, and I think she deserves as much love as possible.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gabrielleabelle for this post, by the way. It gave me much inspiration.

a love letter )

...and now I'm going back to bed.
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So, here's a vid...

I've been working on this one for ages. It's... not exactly the standard kind of vid. It's kinda different.

(And yes, it's all in order.)

seven seasons in seven minutes )</lj-cut
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Here's a vid, for [livejournal.com profile] lavastar's birthday. Have a great day, hon!

Willow/Xander vidness )
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Okay. So I'm trying to do a vid. And it's giving me problems.

My problem is as follows:

- BtVS seasons 1 to 3 are in 4:3 aspect ratio.
- BtVS seasons 4 to 7 are in widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio).

Now, I've figured out that, in iMovie, I can have the widescreen bits automatically change to crop the sides off and be in 4:3 - or, on the other hand, I can have the 4:3 bits crop the top and bottom off so that they're in widescreen. All well and good. But not actually what I want to do here.

What I want is to have letterbox format on the bits that are in the wrong ratio.

Apparently I can do this in Streamclip? Right?
...but I have no idea how.


vid tricks

Oct. 12th, 2009 10:23 pm
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Is it just me, or does anyone else hate vids that trick you?

I was watching a Spuffy vid recently, and stopped halfway through in digust, because, mid-vid, Buffy told Spike she loved him.

Except this wasn't last-minute fiery-hands I-love-you - this was sitting at a table and looking up seriously to say I love you.
Because they'd stolen the Buffy-and-Angel "I love you" and pretended that Buffy was saying it to Spike instead!

I just can't stand it. Even if you can't, right then, see what the character's looking at, they were looking at something particular in the original clip, and changing it is just wrong.

So, is it just me?
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Okay. Here goes...

a btvs vid )

*is rather excited*
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...but for some reason, I suddenly want to make a Dollhouse vid to Jonathan Coulton's song "Chiron Beta Prime".

Yes, I'm very very weird.

new things

Sep. 7th, 2009 09:24 am
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It really is fun going shopping for stuff you want, and knowing that it's okay to spend money on it, because it's stuff you need so you're not just being indulgent...

(In other news, I now have new jeans, sneakers, and a 1 terrabyte external hard drive.)

(In other other news, I managed to write, edit, and post a story - and only noticed a day later that I'd switched from present tense to past tense mid-paragraph. *facepalm*)
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Somehow - don't ask me how - I have ended up with a whole bunch of vids in my head, that I really must make. Soon.

my list )

Seriously - how does one do this sort of stuff? Are there special programs or something?


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