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1) That storm is still going. We're now onto Thunder Round 3, still accompanied by huge amounts of rain. No more hail, though.

2) It really bugs me that everyone who's ever talked about it thinks that Whitehat is about Nancy retaining her memories of the Wishverse afterwards.
It's actually set in early season 2 - which I've given clues to by having Larry still being a jerk. And everyone apparently thinks it's in season 3 and that Larry's just being a jerk because I wasn't paying attention... *sighs*

3) Caleb has started saying "Mum" and "Dad" instead of "Mummy" and "Daddy". This is weirding me out.

4) In preparing for yet more storm I went candle hunting, and discovered a huge supply of candles I'd never realised I had. I don't even remember buying them...

5) In season 5 of AtS, I agree much less (than the other seasons) with Angel's decisions, but still sympathise with him much more. Anyone else have similar reactions?

6) I now know many interesting facts about the Battle of Vienna. This editing course has unexpected side-benefits.


Mar. 6th, 2010 03:08 pm
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Have a very scared cat on my lap, am staying away from windows, and really wishing I'd put my car in the garage.


Feb. 5th, 2010 01:55 pm
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So, yesterday I was in a singlet top and short shirt, and still far too hot.

...and today I went shopping at lunchtime and stocked up on jumpers and long-sleeved stuff. And then frantically changed in the work toilets so that I could stop freezing.

Isn't it supposed to be summer around here?
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(That's 108 for you Celsius-challenged folks.)


I have sweat dripping down my face. EWW.

(In other news, I bought myself a book of fairytales... in Latin. How cool.)
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1) Really scary when, while driving home, you start figuring out possible strategies for when if your car gets struck by lightning. Because there's lightning everywhere.

2) Really annoying when, while driving home in increasingly huge amounts of rain, you suddenly remember that you left one of the windows open so that you could air out the recently-vacated spare bedroom, and there's probably water pouring into your houseā€¦

3) Really freaky doing the last bit of the drive home at 20 kph, with the windscreen wipers on full blast, because you just can't SEE.

4) Really worrying spending a lot of the drive home trying to figure out whether or not you got struck by lightning while getting into your car - because, on the one hand, still upright/alive/burn-free, but on the other hand, there was a big static shock and now your skin's all tingly...
Pretty sure I didn't, though. I think.

5) Really REALLY cute when you finally get home, seeing the little black-furred person who shares your house huddled underneath the coffee table trying to get away from the scary weather.
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So, what have I been up to for the last week or so?

1) Christmas shopping. Finally got it all done, and then discovered on the day that I'd bought Alex the same present as Mum had - so I have to return one of them.

2) Christmas celebratoryness. Otherwise known as a church thing, a family thing, another church thing, another family thing, yet another family thing, and an ungainly collapse.

3) SLEEP. Yesterday I was still taking a three hour nap in the middle of the day... but as of today, I think I'm actually back to normal.

4) Nephew-sitting. Which included supervising two little boys, who have decided that the best part of bath time is getting to throw water at each other. (I also had to smack Alex for the first time ever at one point, which made me feel horribly guilty, even though it was the right thing to do. But he started crying, and looked so horrified, and... *guilts*)

5) Watching Josh almost walk by himself. He's so close! Any second now he's going to be walking without any help from anyone.

6) Having my housemate leave. She's decided to move back in with her parents. So I'm by myself again...

7) Trying very hard to come up with a fanfic for this week's challenge. And failing. I am idea-less.

8) Doing cross-stitch. (I am SO SICK of stitching in brown and yellow.)

9) Staying indoors, where it's vaguely cool. Outside, it's 36 degrees (97 F).

10) Watching episodes of Big Bang Theory, and laughing hysterically.
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...and we've hit 30 degrees.

(That's 86 degrees, for you Fahrenheity folks.)

I am suddenly wearing summer clothes, carrying round a parasol (yes, a parasol), letting the breeze flow through my house's open windows, staying in the shade, and wanting ice-cream.

If this was the height of summer, I'd be fine. But it's only mid-spring. I'm not going to survive February.

ETA: now 32 degrees...


Jul. 18th, 2009 09:23 pm
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I went to the snow today!

(For the northern hemisphere folks: "going to the snow" is what we do over here. Getting snow in the streets isn't going to happen - ever - so if we want to see snow, we have to drive three hours to some very small mountains with even smaller amounts of snow at the top - if it's cold enough.)

So, yeah, I went to the snow!

...for the first time since Germany, actually. I hadn't seen snow in ten years.

And we went skiing.

Some thoughts on this subject:
- Cross-country skiing? Hard. Encourages clumsiness. And way less exciting than regular downhill.
- Proper snow-worthy gloves? Essential. I need to get some.
- Falling over? An effective strategy for not running into trees at top speed. Also - painful.
- Thermoses? Excellent for keeping soup warm all day long.
- Aussie mountains? Really really little. And not all that snowy.
- Hot baths afterwards? Wonderful.
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This week, I keep seeing LJ entries on my flist complaining about the heat.

And I keep almost responding with "Hah! Heat? You can walk barefoot outside without the skin on the bottom of your feet burning when you hit concrete. YOU DON'T KNOW HEAT."

...but then I remind myself that, any day now, I'm going to end up shivering enough to come on here and complain about the cold.
And I'll probably have half my flist wanting to respond with "Hah! Cold? You can walk outside gloveless without your fingers freezing and falling off. YOU DON'T KNOW COLD."

So, for the moment, I'll refrain...
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It's so foggy outside that I can see the moon.
(Or I could, a few minutes ago.)

This might not make a lot of sense, on the face of it. And unfortunately, in the time it took me to run inside and get a camera, the moon disappeared again - so I have no proof.

But it sort of makes sense, in my head.
After all, the reason we normally can't see the moon, during the day (assuming it's on the appropriate side of the Earth), is because the sun is so bright it makes all moon-seeing impossible.

That is not currently the case. Because it's SO INSANELY FOGGY.

But, yeah - I saw the moon.
Right in the middle of a very white and foggy sky, there was this even whiter round thing, hanging there looking all moony.

And it wasn't the sun, because that was slightly further along in the sky, making the fog all shiny.


How Cool!

Mar. 6th, 2009 11:03 pm
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We just had our very own earthquake!

Apparently measured 4.7 on the Richter scale - which might be mini to you overseas living-on-a-faultline-people (or might not, I have no idea), but out here, it's pretty exciting.

I was babysitting Caleb at the time, and the stovepipe for my sister's fireplace was rattling incredibly loudly. And the couch was shaking.
I started mentally calculating how long it would take me to run into Caleb's room, grab him out of bed, sprint to the back door, and dive for cover before the house collapsed... and then the earthquake settled down.

So, no death-defying leaps from collapsing buildings today.


Mar. 5th, 2009 12:09 pm
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My lovely Quicksilver is currently getting a much-needed carwash.

...or in other words, I drove her out of the garage, and parked her in the driveway instead, and the rain is now doing its stuff.

We have rain!
Probably not much, really, but it's incredibly nice to see it.

It did, however, kill my plans of walking down to Southbank and getting a healthy lunch. Fast-food for me today, from the closest shop I could find.

In other news, after 15 years of drinking Sunkist and a lifetime of seeing it in cans and bottles right next to the Coke, I only figured out today that the name is supposed to remind you of "sun-kissed". *facepalm*
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(Marysville has been wiped off the map. I'm still trying to take this in...)

I thought I'd make another bushfire related post. Just to explain some stuff about what "bushfire" actually means down here.

You see, we don't get earthquakes, or hurricanes, or snowstorms. What we do get are droughts, floods, and bushfires.
The first is pretty much ongoing and has been for years, the second is more unusual, and the third happens pretty much every February.

This is due to a complete lack of water, and exploding trees.

what we mean by bushfires, and why they scare us silly )

Of course, if you're not in the mood for me being long-winded, you can just look at these.
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According to tonight's news, the bushfires are currently worse conditions than Ash Wednesday. Which... wow.

(Note to foreigners: by "Ash Wednesday" I mean the 1983 bushfire, not the date on the Christian calendar. Nearly three decades later, and Aussies still know that "Ash Wednesday" means the fires...)

tonight's news )

what's been happening )

being blind... )

meanwhile, at my house... )

arsonists )

(Despite this post, I've actually had a pretty fun day. You'd never guess, would you?)
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This morning, I woke up early, thanks to my cat of +6 anxious meowing.

a post of +9 creative description-ness )

*dances around in funky new stompy boots*


Jan. 30th, 2009 10:00 am
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Just hot how is it right now?

Well... Let's see...

- The temperature this week has hit 40 degrees or over every day. That's 104F, for you metrically-challenged folks out there.

- My air conditioner has been on, continuously, since Tuesday morning (it's now Friday, so that's coming up on 4 days without interruption). It is working its arse off, and has managed to keep the temperature in my house at a wonderfully cool 30 degrees (86F).

- I bought chocolate yesterday, and was genuinely worried that it might melt during my 30 second walk back to my office building.

- Elf is not asking to go outside. At all. He tried a few times earlier in the week, but as soon as I opened the door, he was hit with a heat wave, and ran away to hide.

- Walking home from the shops yesterday evening (7:30 pm), my five minutes out of the house walking at a leisurely pace was enough that my hair was literally dripping sweat onto the floor when I got inside. (And can I just say: Ewww!)

- Yesterday, the state apparently used more electricity than it has ever used before. Mostly on air conditioning.

- Had I gone outside at 3am this morning, and had I stood stark naked under a water fountain, I still wouldn't have felt too cold.

Anyone want to swap climates?

Heat Wave!

Jan. 11th, 2009 04:42 pm
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In other news, it is HOT.

This morning, I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a thick coat, and turning my heater on full-blast.

Now, I'm wearing a singlet top and a skirt, and drinking a wonderfully cold smoothie...

In other other news, I now know how to make smoothies! Woo!
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Spring is here with a vengeance.

My washing is drying insanely fast, there's dust flying everywhere, so Elf keeps coming inside with all his white fur completely grey, I have flowers all over my backyard and they're so pretty, it's hot enough that my car doesn't give the 'COLD ENGINE' alert when I turn it on, and I can finally start to wear short-sleeved clothing again.

I have also discovered that I no longer fit into half my short-sleeved clothing: apparently I've put on weight. This is a pain, as I wasn't planning on buying any summery clothing (can't really wear it if I go to England), but I've bought myself a nice top, and might buy some other stuff if it's nice enough...
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There's a twisted sort of logic used by the people who program the air conditioner at my work.

You see, because we're on something called a planet, which rotates, we have these things called seasons. There's a season called summer, which is very hot, and a season called winter, which is cold. Right now we're in the bit in between - known as spring - which is a bit hotter than winter, but not quite as hot as summer.

And air conditioners are used to make things colder.
sort of logical )
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It looked like it was going to be winter again for a minute there - lots of rain and so forth - but no, it is indeed the first day of spring, and the weather has decided to act like it! We're getting blossom, and non-freezing wind, and it's already daytime when I leave the house for work (at 7am - in winter it's pitch black).

And, it being a new month and a new season and other new things... I decided now might be a good time to mention something I've been not mentioning for ages now.

Here goes...

My sister is pregnant again (re-pregnant?) - so I'm going to have yet another niece or nephew running around!
Well, actually sleeping quietly and making pooey nappies, but you get the idea...



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