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I yelled at some cafe people this morning.

I'm usually a pretty nice customer, actually.

But really - correct procedure for selling someone food is not:
- take customer's order, take her money, put her croissant in the toaster thingy to heat up.
- neglect to give her back her change.
- ignore the fact that the croissant is almost done and wander off to do something else.
- note that croissant is burning, tell someone else it's burning and wander off again.
- come back, notice that croissant is now very black, take it out of the toaster, and walk off.
- when customer starts pointing out, in an annoyed fashion, that she still hasn't got (a) her change or (b) her breakfast, roll your eyes and walk off.
- come back a minute later, dump change into customer's hand, and walk off again.
- when customer starts getting upset and says "But I still don't have my croissant!", inform her that it's burnt and you're going to make another one... as soon as you've taken the next guy's order.

Yep. I yelled.


*munches croissant*
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You know how in softball/baseball/game-with-bases-off-your-choice, people sometimes slide into base and end up lying full-length on the ground because they're trying to get to the base so fast?

This morning I saw someone do this through the about-to-close doors of my train.

In other news, the floor below mine at work has a huge inflatable Dalek. I want to smuggle it up here somehow...
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I was on a tram this afternoon.

(A Note For The Inexperienced: Trams are about twice the length of buses, and the driver has a loudspeaker thingy for communicating with all the passenger over the sound system.)

And there was a baby in a pram, crying.

(A Note For The Differently-Inexperienced: Babies cry when they're upset. Usually loudly.)

This got annoying, after a while.

(Another note: Crying is not a fun thing to listen to.)

Finally, the driver picked up his loudspeaker thingy.

(A Reminder: I mentioned it earlier, see? Further up the page.)

And we got this announcement:

(One Final Note: This is the amusing part.)

"Err, no crying on this tram, please. Strictly no crying. Thank you."
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I spent my train ride home entertaining myself by watching a teeny pair of legs.

The legs were, in fact, attached to a little girl who was about one year old, but I couldn't see her. The pram was blocking view of everything except her legs.

...which were the cutest little legs I've seen in a while.

She kicked them in the air and hummed, and then she swirled them round in circles, and then she started seeing if she could catch them on the top of the pram cover, and then she held them up and started using her teeny tiny fingers to fiddle with her shoes.

I almost died of squee-ing!


Jul. 29th, 2009 03:30 pm
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The exercise is clearly paying off: I just walked up the entire Parliament station escalator without thinking about it! (The Parliament escalators are long, dude.)

*feels very fit and awesome*
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Usually, train station announcements are the same old standard boring and unintelligible.

This morning, however...

At Richmond station, the loudspeakers were being used so that a very intelligible announcer could rhapsodise about the joys of commuting, and going to work.

Seriously. He was saying things like:
"...and isn't it great getting to go through our glorious train system, knowing that a productive day's work is waiting at the other end? We're thrilled to have you using our public transport this morning, so sit back, relax..."

It was... odd.


Jul. 3rd, 2009 07:12 pm
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It shouldn't be possible for me to get lost while driving - at least not when I'm two streets away from my house, driving home by a route I use at least three times a week...


May. 5th, 2009 03:41 pm
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Sometimes using public tranport is just... unpleasant.

train grossness )
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How to tell that you catch exactly the same train every day:

-You don't know the names of anyone sitting near you,
-and you don't know what they do all day,
-in fact you know almost nothing about them,
-but when someone's mobile rings, you know exactly whose it is, just from the ringtone.


Dec. 11th, 2008 08:24 am
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I seem to be suffering from Card Confusion.

I keep trying to use my security pass to get through the ticket barriers at Parliament station.

I've also been using my train ticket to pay for things, and my credit card to get in and out of work...
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I really do have embarrassing taste in music, sometimes.

After confessing my newfound love of country and western to the world, I must now tell you all that I spent my train ride home listening to Aqua - and not only mouthing along to the words, but pulling funny faces to go with them.

The people facing me thought I was extremely funny.

My iPod also currently plays host to:
-Bob the Builder (I am a five year old)
-Evanescence (I am an emo teenager)
-Avril Lavigne (I am a pretentiously hip emo teenager)
-the overture to the Barber of Seville (I am a ninety-something cat lady)
-the Corrs (I am a girly girl who cries at soppy movies)
-all the Buffy soundtracks (I am a hopeless fangirl)


Oct. 23rd, 2008 03:27 pm
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One of the bench seats at Parliament station has been roped off, due to one of its supports having collapsed and the whole thing now being tipped sideways on a very weird angle.

Am I a sick sick person for wishing I'd been there to see all the people slide off the end of it when it fell over?
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I took the day off yesterday, and went to Ballarat - where I went to Sovereign Hill, and then visited the lovely [ profile] immer_am_lesen , who gave me dinner and a spare bedroom. We spent an enjoyable evening watching tv and feeding peanuts to a bunny.

But first, I had to get there.
This was not so easy.

a long saga involving evil street signs, a field, and lots of traffic )
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There are people at the entrance to Parliament station who harass me every afternoon (and everyone else, too - they're not picking on me) to give money to the Red Cross. Which yes, fine, noble cause and all that, and good on them.
They all have Irish accents. All of them.

This leaves me with a few interesting possibilities:
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You know those guys at the footy who walk around with big trays selling people pies and drinks?
This afternoon, there was one on my train.

He wasn't actually selling pies - they were chocolate bars, and Twisties, and so forth. But he had a big elaborate tray (made of cardboard - but seriously, elaborate - it had four different levels and special holders) and he walked up and down the train asking people if they wanted to buy anything.

Trains are fun...
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On the train home this afternoon, there was a girl reading Twilight.

Somehow I managed to restrain myself from ripping the book out of her hands and begging her to read something more productive... like Cosmo.
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Remember in the old days, how they used to have the train drivers do those announcements about which station was next, and they were always so completely incomprehensible?

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Tonight on the train, there was a guy who had brought his own seat.

Seriously. This guy walked onto the train carrying a chair, of the dining room variety, planted it in the middle of the carriage, and proceeded to nonchalantly read the newspaper the whole way home.

I realise it's been pretty hard to get a seat on the trains lately, but that approach strikes me as being ever-so-slightly over the top...
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Let it never be said that I'm not into competitive sport.

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Sure-fire way to get me yelling at you despite the fact that we're in different cars so you logically can't hear a word I'm saying:

1) get in your car
2) drive down the freeway at 110k
3) light a cigarette, and hold that in one hand
4) call one of your friends, and hold the phone in the other hand
5) start checking your street directory while doing all of the above
and finally...
6) tailgate me

When will these people learn some common sense?

I spent the last two days at a work conference. One of those events where you go to a hotel, play trust games and team-building exercises, and end up with several reams of butcher's paper fill up with random points from brainstorming sessions.
Fun, but time-consuming.

The hotel rooms were pretty standard, for the most part. But the bathrooms were... well, think about those bedrooms with the built-in wardrobes hidden behind full-length sliding mirrors. Got the idea? Now imagine that you slide back the right mirror and there, as you'd expect, is a wardrobe. Then you slide back the left mirror, and lo and behold, there's a bathroom.
Very clever idea, really, but certainly took some getting used to.

I got back last night, and babysat the boys all evening. Was fun.


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