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- Bought a saxophone, second-hand.
- Tried to remember how to play...

- Went to a high-school production of Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat, directed by my sister. 350 kids in total, so they barely managed to fit on the stage.
- Cheered, applauded, and generally fangirled.

- Played piano at church, with a full band, for once. (Hooray for drummers! They rock!)

- Went to parents' house for Father's Day.
- Ate baked potatoes, and discussed high-school production with sister, in enthusiastic detail.

- Tried to play saxophone some more. One day, I will get it to stop squeaking horribly...
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When I was thirteen, my favourite band was Take That. Mainly because they were the only one I'd heard of - and you had to have a favourite band, because when all your high school classmates asked you what kind of music you liked, "opera" wasn't an acceptable answer.

I was, overall, fairly clear about my taste in music. And remained so for several years.


My iPod includes:
- opera (still)
- Lily Allen
- the Bob the Builder soundtrack
- Billy Joel
- far too much country & western
- Jars of Clay
- Enya
- Madonna
- John Farnham
- The Dresden Dolls
- the Wicked soundtrack
- some acappella
- Queen
- Lady Gaga
- The Corrs
- Jonathan Coulton
- Evanescence
- Robbie Williams
- Avril Lavigne

What is my taste in music? I haven't got a clue. (But I don't like death metal or techno ...yet.)


Jun. 13th, 2010 08:31 am
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The song I've got stuck in my head right now?

"There's a spot over here, and a spot over there, there's a spot on your ear, and a spot on your hair..."

For those of you who haven't seen enough Playschool or have otherwise had deprived childhoods, this is a song usually sung by three year olds.

I spent my shower enthusiastically singing "It's a SPOTTY KIND OF DAY..."

It won't go away.
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*is extremely thrilled*


*is dancing round the house to very funky music*

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The problem with singers covering other singers' songs (...if that makes sense) is that I now have three separate versions of We Will Rock You on my iPod - and I don't even like the song that much.

On the plus side, I have finally bought a cd of John Farnham's greatest hits.
This being John Farnham, his "greatest hits" span several decades, so I get to listen to all the tiny subtle ways his voice has changed... over forty years. The music-geek part of me is having a ball.

In other news, I woke up this morning with an inexplicable desire to write a J.K.Rowling RPF, with her managing to prevent spoilers for Deathly Hallows leaking out by using Obliviate charms on all the editors...
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1) There should so be a fanfic starring Tru Davies, George Lass, and Ned the Piemaker.**

** Virtual internet cookies to anyone who can name all three shows. (And if you can get two of them, you'll probably be able to guess an awful lot about the third...)

2) While I have a wide variety of reasons for not listening to some songs on the radio - such as crappy music, annoying lyrics, having those guys in the background who are just there to say the name of the singer at random point (usually "Beyonce!", or "Madonna!"), or so forth - I've now got one which is weirder than most.

Every time that "Romeo and Juliet" song comes on, I roll my eyes at someone comparing their love story to Romeo and Juliet and thinking that it's a romance rather than a tragedy, and I change the station - because I refuse to listen to the song until she goes back to uni and gets a better understanding of Shakespeare.

3) The backwards traffic lights outside Knox City now go forwards!

For those who have no idea what I mean (probably most of you): there's this one set of traffic lights, near my house, where the traffic light sequence is the complete opposite to normal - sort of like normal traffic lights go 'clockwise', and these go 'anti-clockwise', or something.

Except now they don't - they go the same way as all the others.

And it's weirding me out, because the Wrong Way Traffic Lights now go the Right Way, which is just completely wrong, and it feels very NOT RIGHT watching them going the Right Way, because they're supposed to go the Wrong Way, and it's all...

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This morning, I woke up early, thanks to my cat of +6 anxious meowing.

a post of +9 creative description-ness )

*dances around in funky new stompy boots*
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1) It is my last day of holidays. On Monday I go back to work. *sobs piteously*

2) It's also exactly a year today since I, trembling with fear, posted my very first fanfic. Since then I have posted over 50 fics and 50 drabbles, written lots of meta, read even more meta, discussed old episodes, new comics, and various other shenanigans, got several dozen icons, and made quite a few friends on the other side of the world...

3) Out of the three cats I am well aquainted with, my parents' cat Rupert has the best purr, my sister's cat Max has the best will-you-pat-me-please meow, and Elf has the best oh-you're-patting-me-so-WELL stretch.
Must use my Science Lab Of DOOM to combine them all in one SuperCat.

4) For the first time in weeks, I have no dishes waiting to be washed, no dishes soaking in the sink, and no dishes in my drying rack. *feels very tidy and organised*

5) I love Killing Heidi and all their music.

6) Everyone seems to be posting Fic I Wrote This Year posts. But, given #2, I'd just end up linking everyone to my fic list, which is already fairly accessible...

7) My most popular post this year was on The Vegemite Effect, with 65 comments.
(Interestingly enough, my second most popular post was this one (59 comments), in which I lamented the lack of Lemon Lime and Bitters drinks outside Australia. My flist seems to have a fascination with Aussie food...)

8) The friendships that last for ages are never the ones you expected to.

9) Somewhere over the course of this year, I've actually started liking herbal tea. Oh the shame!
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I really do have embarrassing taste in music, sometimes.

After confessing my newfound love of country and western to the world, I must now tell you all that I spent my train ride home listening to Aqua - and not only mouthing along to the words, but pulling funny faces to go with them.

The people facing me thought I was extremely funny.

My iPod also currently plays host to:
-Bob the Builder (I am a five year old)
-Evanescence (I am an emo teenager)
-Avril Lavigne (I am a pretentiously hip emo teenager)
-the overture to the Barber of Seville (I am a ninety-something cat lady)
-the Corrs (I am a girly girl who cries at soppy movies)
-all the Buffy soundtracks (I am a hopeless fangirl)
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You know how there are some songs that, as soon as you hear the first few notes, you remember exactly what you were doing when you first heard the song?
Or, if the song is from a movie or a tv show, you suddenly really need to see that scene again so you can hear the song in its proper context?

This is really annoying me.

You see, there's this Dixie Chicks song.
And every time I hear the opening line, I go "Ooh! That's from an episode of Buffy!" and get an intense desire to watch that scene.

Unfortunately, I don't remember which scene it is.
Even more unfortunately, the song that plays in that scene isn't actually a Dixie Chicks song at all - they just happen to have an almost identical first line.

And I don't know what the actual song I'm thinking of is called, so I can't look that up to find out which episode it's from.
And I can't look up the episode to find out what song it is.

It's like an endless loop...
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Commiserate with me, for I have become a country & western fan.

It's all Fred Burkle's fault, in a way. She put a poster of The Dixie Chicks up in her lab, and I thought "Well, if Fred likes them, they can't be that bad."
Which, yes, is completely stupid, because
1) Fred is a fictional character
2) even as a fictional character, I have no idea whether she has good taste in music
but apparently my brain thought this was a good enough reason to buy a Dixie Chicks cd when I saw it on sale.

And it was really good.

And because no-one buys country & western music - ever - the cds keep on being on sale...
And I keep liking them...

This can't end well.
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Dear Radio Station,

A brief vocabulary lesson for you: "breakfast" is a word we English speakers use to talk about a meal. In particular, a meal at the start of the day, usually eaten some time between 5am and 10am.
Logically, anything calling itself "breakfast radio" should be broadcasting around about the time that people tend to eat breakfast.

If I wanted to listen to breakfast radio, I'd listen at breakfast time. I don't want you playing repeats all afternoon just in case I missed something. I was trying to miss it.

Also, you advertise yourselves as a station that plays music from "the 80s, 90s, and today". Shouldn't that mean you occasionally... I don't know... play music, or something?
When I tried listening to you last night, I heard nothing but talking for twenty minutes straight. First it was ads, then it was the evening announcer guy, then it was a breakfast radio flashback, then it was ads, then it was some more of the breakfast radio flashback, then it was the evening announcer guy talking about how funny the flashback was... and then I switched stations.

Bring back my music.
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Well, my birthday present was delivered last night.

My spare room is now home to a Yamaha keyboard (full length, and weighted keys) that has beautiful pianoish tones, the ability to sound like an organ or a harpsichord, an inbuilt metronome, and three pedals. It can plug into a computer (if I had a computer worth plugging into, which I don't), and record stuff I'm playing. And it even comes with a book of fifty 'piano classics' that I started working my way through last night.


*happy dancing*

Silly Mez

Apr. 5th, 2008 07:49 am
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You know how you can be listening to music, and not quite realise where it's up to?

I just found myself thinking "huh? Matchbox 20? How did they end up getting a cameo in Wicked?" before it occurred to me that the Wicked soundtrack had finished playing a while ago, and iTunes was now halfway through a different album...
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I went out on the weekend and bought a stack of bath-bombs. So I can now relax in nice-smelling water.
Unfortunately, I'm being dutifully water-conscious due to the drought, so it takes me about a week to water my garden with the bathwater before I can use my bath again. Showers are all well and good, but they're not nearly so much fun.

I think I'm doomed to do Excel spreadsheets from now until the day I die.

Juno is an awesome movie. And I really want the soundtrack (if only for the "vampires" song they play over the closing credits! It was so cute!).

Guitar is incredibly complicated, but still a lot of fun to play.

There are few things quite as nice as drinking hot chocolate in a warm house on a cold day, with your cat purring next to you.
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 You know when you get a song stuck in your head, and no matter what you do you can't stop humming it?

Today it's the Crossing The Street song from PlaySchool.
Not the verse, just the chorus. You know:

Then you stop (yes you stop)
And you look (yes you look)
And you listen (nothing coming!)
Then you go...
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I have a fair amount of classical music on my iPod.

This is nice, but also means I occasionally notice just how much I've been affected by people using classical music for their own devious ends.

Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Ballet, for instance. Every time I hear this, I start humming "Once upon a dream..."

The William Tell Overture makes me think of Danny Kaye, and Dance Of The Hours always sounds like a letter from camp.

And I've just discovered a new one. I was listening to the Prelude from Carmen, and suddenly realised that I was thinking "We are Geelong, the greatest team of all..."

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It's interesting how little variation there is between different song names.

I just put the music on my computer in alphabetical order, on a whim. Here are the names of the first five songs:

All I Need
All I Really Want
All I'm Living For
All You Want
All You Wanted

And I really don't have a very extensive music collection.

As well as that, there are:
2 "Forgiven"s,
an "Everywhere" and an "Everything",
2 "Here With Me"s,
"Hello" and "Hello Old Friend",
"Like A Prayer", "Like A Virgin", and "Like You",
"The Only One" and "Only One",
"Sweet Misery" and "Sweet Sacrifice",
and finally,
"You Get Me" and "You Got Me"

Someone should write a thesis on this...
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I've just realised why this stupid spreadsheet takes me so long.

Background for the non-omniscient: the spreadsheet to which I am referring is a HUGE table in Excel. Every month, Connex sends us reports on over 60 projects, and I read through the reports, figure out the significant bits, and update the table accordingly.

It's a lengthy process, but not THAT lengthy. And the reason why I always took so long to finish has been eluding me. (This month, for example, I finished typing in the December reports a whole TWO DAYS before the January reports arrived.)

Anyway, I've just figured it out.

You see, the reports arrive on a cd, and I have to look at them on my computer using Acrobat. And because Acrobat is so complex, it makes all the other operations on my computer slow down to compensate.

No, this does not mean that typing things into Excel takes longer.

What it DOES mean is that the music I'm listening to slows down. And suddenly my Grey's Anatomy soundtrack sounds like a funeral dirge.

Realistically, if I'm going to read the reports, I have to turn off my music. And that just makes the work so boring...

No wonder I never get around to it.
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I finally caved, and bought the Firefly/Serenity soundtracks...

In other news, the movie "Stranger Than Fiction" is brilliant, and should be adored by all. Go see it!


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