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Occasionally I wish my flist was made up of fanatical Farscape fans instead of fanatical BtVS fans.

If, for instance, I wanted to squee madly about Buffy/Spike, I could pretty much guarantee that at least four people on my flist would squee right back at me.
On the other hand, if I want to squee madly about John/Aeryn, I might end up talking to myself...

Oh well. *squees anyway*

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I was just thinking about my favourite tv shows and the moment I first realised I was going to love them.

Surprisingly, they were actually all quite similar. Although... not.

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I like many shows. For many reasons. But the thing that makes me grin and love them is when they start surprising me. When I can see the standard tv moment that's about to happen - and then something else happens instead. When a show about gothic, dramatic vampires turns out to be more interested in punk vampires who roll their eyes at the rules. When it's suddenly not what I thought it was, and I suddenly don't know everything.

I love that.
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I saw someone on the internet this morning saying that Farscape's aliens were basically:
"...Proud Warrior Race Guy, Greedy Nobleman, Space Buddhist, Spock, Action Girl..."
...and concluding that the characters weren't all that original.

No. Wrong.

This show has D'Argo - the Proud Warrior Race Guy... who wants to stop fighting, settle down, and have a farm.

And Zhaan - the Space Buddhist... who is completely psychotic on her bad days.

And Aeryn, who was raised to be a soldier and nothing else, and Pilot, who is mostly calm and logical but also stubborn and snarky, and Jool, who is intelligent and resourceful and also a spoiled brat, Crichton, who is the American Hero and is not the action guy, he's the scientist! - and he's completely out of his depth...

And everyone else, too.

There are a lot of complaints you could make about Farscape. Lack of original characters is not one of them.
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So, back in April, I took some time to tell the world about Tempus from Lois&Clark, and how wonderful he is.

And now I'm back, to tell you all about another brilliant TV villain: Harvey, from Farscape.

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1) One of my friends just came over with a long-stemmed rose and a card, to say "thanks for being such a good friend".
He's just lovely sometimes...

2) You know, if you watched Farscape season 1, without looking closely at the screen the whole way through, you'd miss so much stuff about Crichton and Aeryn's relationship - because it's all so entirely visual, and yet barely mentioned at all.

I just watched a scene full of shippy wonderfulness - but from the dialogue, you'd think they were having a completely mundane conversation about random everyday life.

3) [ profile] curiouswombat, you've got me learning Sindarin. I'm already trying to learn French, and Latin, and other non-fictional languages. I don't have time for this one too, dammit!
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You know what I’ve realised?
I just don’t understand how someone can like a show, and not like all the characters.

I mean, I’m aware that it’s possible. I know a lot of people who can’t stand various characters, and are still definitely fans of the show – so clearly this is just me being odd, but still… I have no idea how that works.

It’s certainly not the way I work.

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Feb. 5th, 2009 06:01 am
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(Okay, so I was bored.)

Here's a multifandom poll, just for fun.

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Questions? Comments?
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So, along with the whole enemies in love thing, I think I've figured out another thing that turns me into a rabid shipper...

At least one of the pair cannot say "I love you".

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The moment when I realised that I would love everything about this show/book/movie...

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A poll of great silliness, involving quite a few of the TV shows I know well.

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Also: apparently half my flist likes country & western music. Who knew?
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I think I've figured out why I love the Spuffy relationship so much more than I like Buffy/Angel.

And it's quite simple, really, because it's the same reason that I like almost all the couples I'm madly shippy about.

One's good, one's evil, and they're in love anyway. )
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After careful consideration, I've decided that I'm watching:

the House Is So Snarky And Awesome show
the Ten And His Sonic Screwdriver show
the Harvey Is The World's Best Hallucination show, AND the Crichton/Aeryn show
the Gaius Is So Crazy show
the Fred Burkle show, AND the Angel/Darla show
the Jen Lindley Has Incredible Hair show
the Niles/Daphne show
the Jack O'Neill Snarks With The Best Of Them show, AND the You Seriously Expect Me To Believe That Insane Physics? show
the Harrison Davies show
the Ziva, Abby, And Ducky show, AND the Gibbs Hits People On The Back Of The Head show

...and, when it comes to BtVS, far too many to list - including the Tony Head Variety Hour, the Spuffy show, the Tara Maclay Is Secretly Snarky show, and the Awesome Soundtrack show.
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I've realised that, when I'm watching tv, you can tell what I'll be watching just by what else it is that I'm doing at the time.
I almost never just watch tv - I tend to have my hands busy.
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Jul. 23rd, 2008 08:01 am
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I've spent the last few days lying on my couch watching tv, because I was far too sick to do anything else.

The first few hours were spent trying to get comfortable despite the armrest digging into my neck - and then I realised that my couch folds out into a double bed...
I was a lot more comfy after that.

I got through nearly three boxes of tissues, in all.

On the positive side, I also got through an enormous amount of Farscape.
And I discovered that if I don't wash my hair for four days, it goes through disgustingly-oily-and-unmanageable and out the other side into really-soft-and-pretty.

Shortly before succumbing to illness, I went to the Regent Theatre and saw Wicked. Which was wonderful. Sadly though, I cannot go into more detail, as my memory of the event is now clouded by far too much Panadol...
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As most of you know, I've been watching Farscape. As a significantly smaller number of you know, I bought the series pretty much sight unseen.
And last week I finished! Yay!

The Fleet

May. 19th, 2008 12:37 pm
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My desk is slowly collecting a supply of spaceships.

the list )
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I’m a fan of five shows that are set in space: Red Dwarf, Firefly, Doctor Who, Farscape, and Battlestar Galactica.
And I thought I’d look at what these shows have in common, and try to figure out what is the most important factor for me to enjoy a tv show in space.

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I'm rather annoyed.

New York Magazine just had an article discussing whether or not it's okay to give away spoilers for older shows.
And how did they begin the article?


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