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I emphatically do not want to hug Steve Jobs right now.

In the last two months, the things I have done to Lilac include:
- archive & install
- archive & install
- erase & install
- archive & install
- erase & install
- erase & install

That being a total of SIX complete reinstallations of the software. In many different ways.*


* Plus, having to reinstall it again after the two times Lilac spontaneously erased herself...

I discovered, this afternoon, that when I took Lilac in to Apple to have her RAM redone (or so they told me) they did not, in fact, put in new RAM. Or take out the old RAM. Or do anything remotely hardware related.

Apparently, they started by reinstalling the software (an "erase & install") - and then Lilac appeared to be working perfectly.

I could have told them that. That is, in fact, precisely what has happened after the LAST SIX TIMES the software has been reinstalled. Followed by her working perfectly for a couple of days, and then not working anymore.

It staggers me that a bunch of people WHO HAVE ACCESS TO MY ENTIRE TWO-MONTH-LONG HISTORY OF REPEATEDLY RINGING APPLE, including ALL the details of what was done, can do something I've already done, see my computer functioning well for a whole half an hour, and conclude it was all a software problem that's now completely repaired.


Oh, for-

Jun. 17th, 2010 09:23 am
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I just rang the Apple Store to find out when my computer would actually be repaired (given that I've now been computerless for over a week, and my housemate is starting to get sick of me borrowing hers).

And they go "Oh, yeah, that's fixed and ready to pick up."

...and you were planning on telling me about this WHEN???


So, apparently repairs are not taking an extraordinarily long time. They just forgot to let me know when they were done.
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Lilac was still having issues. My housemate suggested that this might be because the newest updated version of all my applications is designed for SNOW LEOPARD, which I hadn't installed.

So I installed it.

...or tried to.

Instead, it refused to install, and erased my hard drive.


Thankfully, I still have all my files saved from the last four installations I have done. On the other hand, "all my files" only includes the stuff I saved on May 15th*. And I now need to reinstall them all. Again. And set up my internet. Again. And set up all my settings. Again.

* as opposed to... for example... my uni assignments.

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1) Am currently posting from housemate's computer, because Lilac is stubbornly refusing to turn on at ALL. This is inhibiting my ability to do very important homework - and also to check very unimportant (but fun) internetness.

2) Went to my ten year high school reunion last night. One of my classmates had a comb-over. This is making me feel old...

3) Have almost no voice, due to being sick this week. Made worse by a) talking to people at the very loud reunion, and b) spending ages on the phone to the Apple guys trying to placate Lilac.

4) Have no heating in my house. Very freezing. I've set up a tiny little space heater, which Smudge adores and is lying in front of looking cute and kittenish. Elf is taking advantage of this distraction to enjoy the rest of the house, kitten-harrassment-free.

5) Have a messy house. Really should clean it up. Have no time.

So... no voice, no computer, no heating... *sighs*

Life is good. I have lovely nephews, and pattable cats, and a bookcase of fascinating reading material, and a piano, and cough drops, and wine, and I WILL BE HAPPY, DAMMIT.

*glares at world stubbornly*
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1) Yes, I did just have a flu vaccine. No, that doesn't mean that I'm a sucker who's been taken in by a scam to get me to pay for something that doesn't work. (It's a FREE vaccine. I didn't pay at ALL.) Also, the fact that I am now drowsy is a temporary side-effect, and NOT evidence that the only thing the flu vaccine does is make you sicker.

2) No, my parents are NOT subsidising my rent. Yes, I do want to go to England, and can't afford it. This is not a good reason to laugh at me and tell me I should be able to save more money. Nor is it a reason to tell me my parents suck and I need new ones when I inform you that, in fact, I'm paying full rent.

3) So you've had an article published in a magazine. Congratulations! Why do you keep telling me this as proof that you are superior to all us lesser mortals who have not been published? Also - the fact that I have had a book review published doesn't mean that I was "cribbing off someone else's work" by discussing a book I hadn't written. Nor is your publication proof that you know more about writing than I do - STOP TELLING ME THAT IT IS.

(Yes, this all happened today.)
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I just spent half an hour on the phone, trying desperately to get one sentence's worth of information out of my uni.

Here, for your amusement, is the gripping tale of my phonecall, as summarised in who-I-was-talking-to headings...

so very sick of phones )
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I just spent fifteen very frustrating minutes trying to get an answer to a very simple question.

trains, teddy bears, and much confusion )
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The guy who sits next to me at work is... well, he's a lovely guy. And I do like sitting next to him, really I do.

But he has this habit.

Every single time my mobile (or anyone else's, for that matter) gets an sms, and does the standard double-beeping noise, he beeps too.
Seriously - my phone goes "beep-beep", and he instantly says "beep-beep" in exactly the same way.

I've had quite a few messages this morning. And even though he really is a lovely guy, and I really enjoy working with him, right now I want to do nothing so much as BEAT HIS BRAINS IN.

ETA: Okay. You guys are just fantastic.
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Dear Amazon,

Please remove all books about Playboy from your search listings. And all books about dog-fighting - it's really horrifying.

I also find it highly offensive that your website sells fiction with characters in Nazi concentration camps. How absolutely appalling that you'd allow books with this sort of offensive material to be listed in Amazon searches.

I don't think Stephenie Meyer is a very good author. So please take away her Amazon ranking too.

And also, I don't like the taste of coffee - it tastes really gross. Having to see books about coffee come up when I search your website offends me. I demand that you remove all coffee-related books and merchandise from your search listings, immediately.

Then there's the Sixth Doctor. I didn't like him nearly as much as Doctors Four and Five. Please ensure that, in future, searches related to Doctor Who won't list anything containing Doctor Number Six.

I'm sure you'll be happy to comply with my requests. After all, you care so much about making sure that your customers aren't exposed to anything that might hurt their delicate little feelings.

Thanks so much!

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Have I ever mentioned my opinions on copyright?

Well, I think it sucks.

copyright law, and the untimely demise of scans_daily )
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I feel an urgent need for angry chick music.

I am NOT a pathetic mess who reads bridal magazines and forlornly hopes to find someone. )

tl;dr - Go die in a fire, stupid radio people. I'm going to go listen to angry breakup music instead.

ETA: It has just been brought to my attention that my final sentence, while fairly standard internet angry-speech, is possibly not appropriate given the current bushfire situation. *facepalm*
My apologies.


Oct. 9th, 2008 09:46 am
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Currently fighting the urge to visit the IT department with a baseball bat and a flamethrower.

evil, evil, IT guys )
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Someday, I'm going to release something REALLY COOL on the internet.

And I'm going to publicise it like mad for weeks beforehand.

And I'm going to rig the website so that it can be seen everywhere in the entire world... except for in America.

And then I'm going to hire hundreds of people to go onto American websites, and squeal about how fantastic it was, just so the Americans realise HOW INCREDIBLY AWESOME this thing that they can't see actually is.

Me? Bitter? Why would you think that?
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One Cat.
Free To A Good Home.
Preferably In China.
(Or in some other place a long way from here where he'd run the risk of being eaten. Suggestions, anyone?)

I had gone, very carefully, through my wardrobe, and found enough teenage-girl-ish outfits to come up with six different costumes for No Love Lost. And I put them, very carefully, in a bag by the door, ready to take to tomorrow night's rehearsal.

And my bloody cat went and peed all over them.

Do you know how horribly cat urine stinks?
Not only did he pee right through my costume bag, he hit the carpet underneath. The carpet that I had had professionally cleaned a couple of weeks ago - after the Hole In My Ceiling debacle.

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Bureaucracy is killing me.

All I want to do is get contents insurance for my house.
Being a loyal customer, I decided to get contents insurance from the same people who do my health insurance. They're nice, they're reliable, and they'll give me a discount. Unfortunately, there's a catch.
I can only get to their office on Saturdays.
The woman who handles the contents insurance is only there on weekdays.
So, every Saturday, I have to go in and try talking to the health insurance people.

I got Contents Woman to leave a form at the desk, so I could pick it up on a Saturday.
The following Saturday, I took it back, with a couple of parts left blank, because I didn't know what to write.
The Health Ladies didn't know what to write either.
Contents Woman rang me during the week, and told me what to write.
I picked up the form from the Health Ladies again, filled it in, and dropped it off.
Contents Woman rang, and said yes, the form was now filled in correctly. Now all I had to do was come in and sign it.
So this morning I went in, and asked the Health Ladies if I could sign the form.
Health Ladies couldn't find the form.
Health Ladies have written a note for Contents Woman, asking her to ring me during the week, to arrange a place to leave the form, so that the Health Ladies can find it for me when I go in next Saturday, to sign it.


I think I'll buy a shotgun...


Sep. 7th, 2007 03:09 pm
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I want a job where I never have to deal with people, under any circumstances!

Work Rant )
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I have decided to switch to direct-debit for my phone bill. This is due in large part to the new automated system they have for when you try paying bills over the phone.

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Get this:

Pratty Email Guy, after being asked not to email me, waits maybe a month, and then emails me.

I email back, for one reason: he quoted something incorrectly, and I am entirely incapable of letting it pass.

He then starts emailing me regularly, but cuts out most of the being-in-love-with-me crap that was the main reason I wanted him to stop emailing me to start with. This is okay, so I email back in a moderately friendly fashion, but draw clear, uncrossable lines in the sand regarding topics of conversation.

A week ago, he emails me in an aggrieved fashion, and accuses me of "leading him on", by saying that I wasn't interested in him, and then making my emails interesting to read (and thus making him think of me as being desirable).

He also tells me I'm not making myself clear. This is despite a myriad of emails from me containing such vague statements as "I'm not interested in you", "STOP ASKING ME OUT!!!", and "I couldn't care less if I hurt your feelings."

Then, this morning, he emails me to say that he's realised he might be a bit obsessed with me (nah, really?) and he thinks we should stop emailing each other more than once a month so that he can get perspective.

he offers to pay for me to fly to Canberra, so that we can "think about how to develop our relationship".


I have tried pretty much every possible way to get through to this imbecile. I have told him, unequivocaly, multiple times, that I do not, under any circumstances, wish to have a relationship with him. I have tried giving reasons, saying no without any reasons, giving no reply of any variety, and explaining my position in excruciating detail. Is it really possible to be that thick?!!!

For the record, I am not interested in any comments telling me that he's an idiot (already know that one) or that I should block his emails (they're really far too entertaining) or that he's harrassing me and I need a restraining order (trust me, I have been harrassed to a far greater extent than he's managed). Any suggestions involving scorpions, mime artists, or other forms of torture will, however, be gratefully appreciated.

Also any comments involving rocket launchers - they're always fun.
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Advice to people who write reports:

- Do not abbreviate uncommon words, especially if the abbreviation is hard to interpret.
Example: "12 lflinks on RCE, u/s, d/l"

- Do not feel obligated to write common words out in full, especially if you then need to abbreviate uncommon words to make the whole sentence fit.
Example: "12 lflinks on RCE, u/s, d/l, platform 1 to platform 3 and platforms 9 and 10"

- If you put several items into different categories in one report, when you write the follow-up report, do not swap the items randomly between categories.

- In this follow-up report, do not change the NAMES of the items randomly.

- Equally, do not split one item into five new items, or combine several different items into one mega-item.

- Definitely do not combine 17 different items from 5 different categories, and put them under an unrelated name in a new category.

- If you are giving someone several very similar reports on a closely-related topic,

and if all the reports contain an incredibly large table full of lots of different numbers,

and if the reports have a summary sheet at the front, containing (among other things) the Most Significant Number from the table,

DO NOT put the "Total Budget WITH Insurance Costs Added On" as the Most Significant Number on SOME summary sheets, and put the "Total Budget WITHOUT Anything Added On" as the Most Significant Number on OTHER summary sheets, AND THEN PRETEND THAT YOU'RE QUOTING THE EXACT SAME NUMBER IN EVERY REPORT!!!!!

I've had a frustrating morning.
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I'd like to garotte whoever wrote these charts.

I have to SOMEHOW go through all this data and enter it coherently into Excel. And I'm supposed to realise that, when they write "August 2006" they actually mean "September 2005", and distinguish that from "August 2006" (August 2005) and "August 2006" (August 2006) and "August 2006" (actually supposed to be December 2005, but someone accidentally made an extra copy of September 2005 and put that in instead).

On top of that, I have just spent fifteen minutes trying to decipher "BMS" (think it's Broadmeadows) and "RCE" (possibly Flemington).


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