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The kittens are staying with me again, this week.

This wouldn't be much of a problem, but my cat spent the early hours of the morning patrolling the front windows against possible threats. He does this every couple of months - presumably because he's seen something scary and bad out there, like another cat. Or a leaf.

It tends to involve increasingly lengthy and loud growling, which eventually turns into the most unearthly noises I've ever heard a cat make. And it is impossible to sleep through.

My general strategy in these situations is to shut him in the laundry (almost windowless, so nothing to growl at) and then leave him there to settle down and go back to bed.

Unfortunately, my laundry is currently full of kittens - who would not be happy being presented with an extremely annoyed cat who wants to attack everything on sight.

Instead, I have got up (at five o'clock) and am sitting with him on my lap while he glares at the world and make periodic attempts to get up and go back to screeching at the window...
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I have a copy of Hart's Rules!
It has rules for editing spelling! And for the page numbers! And for printing excerpts in Greek! And for publishing lists of maths equations!

*drools over awesome book of awesome*

(Seriously - I literally squeed over this thing during the class last night. Most normal people would think I was insane.)

In other news: FOUR text messages in the middle of last night. The first one arrived at 10:20, and for some reason I thought it was my alarm, misread the time as 6:20, got up, and had a shower. Then I had to go back to bed with sopping wet hair...
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My cat has discovered a new Waking Up Mummy trick.

It used to be standing on my face and meowing. But now, it's leaping round the bed. He bounces, as heavily as he can, over and over, while meowing. I keep getting woken up by a mini earthquake.

(And he always has food left in his bowl. Always. Why does he keep waking me up to feed him? *grumps*)
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Just had some friends over for fun and frivolity. 'Twas fun. And frivolous. And so forth.

I now have a house that looks slightly like a bomb site, a huge pile of dishes, and absolutely no energy for the whole cleaning-up thing.

But, yay! I had a nice day!


Oct. 18th, 2009 10:23 pm
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Assembling costume for pirate party.

Set-up for pirate party.

Pirate party.

More pirate party.

Home. Sleep.

Feed cat.

Play with cat.


Lunch meeting thing.


Home to change.

Reception bit of wedding.

Home again. Finally.

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Sometimes I would like to thump my cat. This is one of those times.

He has been trying to wake me up for an hour and a half. (Please note the time that I am posting this. He has been trying to wake me up since half past four.)

Why? Because he needs food, Mummy, don't you care, Mummy? I'm starving to death right in front of you, and you're just napping heartlessly while I meow myself hoarse right here! Mummy... get up, Mummy...

...and so on. For over an hour.

Sporadically - I mean, it's not like there was non-stop meowing for 90 minutes. It just felt like that because every time I started falling asleep he'd get in a couple more meows.

So, I just gave in, and got up to feed him. And there's a full bowl of food sitting right there on the floor. That he contently settled down to eating the moment I entered the room.


*is cranky from lack of sleep*


Sep. 5th, 2009 05:29 am
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I currently have $1000 in $50 notes in the back pocket of my jeans. (Long story.)

For the ENTIRE night, I was having nightmares in which my nearest and dearest - plus a bunch of people I haven't seen for years - were tracking me down and murdering me horribly just so they could get their hands on all the money.

*didn't get that much restful sleep*
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This just in: when you're at a party, and one of the people who lives there has just gone to bed, and the other one has announced that she's going to have a bath and start getting ready for bed...
In fact, it would probably be a good time to start going home.


In completely unrelated news, I had a housewarming last night.

A bit weird, really, because I've lived in this house for almost two years now. But [ profile] superangelic (my new housemate) suggested that we have a housewarming, and I'd never had one for here, so we spent the evening warming our house by packing it full of lots of people.
(By "lots", I mean twelve. [ profile] superangelic and I seem to have very similar ideas on parties - namely, that they be smallish and over by 11.)

It was fun! I got to catch up with my uni people, meet some of my housemate's friends, and eat chocolate.
Also, [ profile] danielrh very kindly got my internet working properly - so I'm now typing this with my shiny new laptop! Woo!

(Sidenote: I'm used to turning computers on, going and having a cup of tea, and then coming back to see if it's finished turning on yet. Whereas my new Mac (henceforth to be known as "Lilac") turns on in under three seconds. SO COOL.)


Jul. 28th, 2009 07:48 pm
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Tired some more.

Fixed backyard.

Toilet that won't flush properly.

Too much work.

Writer's block.

Craving chocolate.

Also, tired.
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So tired... So very very tired...

But I have washed all my dishes, patted my cat, brought in my bins, paid my bills, and finished an insanely well-researched fic for [ profile] still_grrr. I am very accomplished.

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On Saturday, we had a "Women's Wellness and Wellbeing" day at my church - the name being purely so that they could shorten it to "WWW" day (my church is very into acronyms).

There were all kinds of fun activities like crafts, and hip hop dance, and facials, and so forth. And I did none of them, because I was wandering around taking photos of everyone else.

We also had a marketplace, with many many fun things, and I bought a bag ...and almost bought huge amounts of earrings, too.

Then, I spent Saturday night babysitting Caleb.
We made a fire, and sat in front of it, cuddling. (Caleb said nothing for about half an hour, except for "It's a BIG fire, Auntie Deird", over and over again.)

And I stayed overnight at their house, so I got to have breakfast with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew this morning.

This afternoon, I've been MULCHING.

I believe I have, on previous occasions, mentioned the fact that I don't really like gardening.
Let me qualify that statement: I don't really like gardening, unless it involves shoving things into very loud machines that pulverise them and spit pieces all over the backyard.

Mulching. It's what engineers do to make gardening AWESOME.

I am tired now. I plan to spend the evening eating spaghetti, and watching Gremlins 2.
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I spent most of my day hacking a tree to pieces. I think this might justify me feeling a little tired - especially as my ENTIRE BACKYARD is now filled with bits of tree I had to haul into a huge big pile.

Once I've removed the stump, and hacked all the other trees along my front fence to pieces, I think I'm going to plant some nice bushes. The kind that grow pretty flowers.

You know... some are born gardening, some achieve gardening, and some have gardening thrust upon them. I am definitely one of the latter variety. It's not that I want to garden, but I need to, to get my place doing what it's supposed to do...

Going to bed, now.
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While I am indeed single, I still get to experience many of the joys that are part-and-parcel of sharing a bed with someone.


...snoring. Having your significant other snore, thus keeping you awake? Oh yeah. I get that.
Of course, in my case, it's slightly softer snoring noise, because the nose that's being all sniffly is much smaller, but the same principle applies.

...waking up in the morning because your significant other has decided to get up.
Which is getting ridiculous, because he keeps getting up at 5am. Or, this morning, half-past 4.

...hogging the covers.
Not that he does it intentionally. He just tends to dig his claws in, stretch, and pull the quilt further and further off the bed.

...uneven allocation of bed-space. When you suddenly realise that your S.O. is stretched out luxuriously across three quarters of the mattress, and you're stuck in one tiny corner.
Even more unfair when the one taking up all the space is about a tenth your size.

...being woken up in the middle of the night for some hot, hot, lovin'.
For "hot, hot, lovin'" substitute "hot, hot, pattin'", and you'd just about have it right.
Apparently, it's not good enough that he gets to sleep on my feet. I keep getting woken up at 2am by a tiny nose nudging my hand into patting position...


Dec. 24th, 2008 06:43 pm
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This is just ridiculous.

Those of you who know me well might be aware that I generally get up at 6am (or earlier) and get to bed by 10pm (or earlier). At about 9pm, I start getting very sleepy.

Tonight, I will be going to bed after midnight.

Which... wouldn't really be a problem. I can do that.
Except that I haven't had enough sleep for the last few nights, I won't be able to sleep in tomorrow (obviously... it being Christmas), and I'm already feeling tired - but not nearly tired enough!

I need sleep. I have tried to compensate for this by napping, but I'm not quite tired enough to actually have a nap. (I just spent half an hour in bed, tossing, turning, and getting increasingly grumpy as I came to this conclusion.) By my calculations, I'll probably be tired enough by about 8:30.
But if I have a nap at 8:30, I won't wake up in time to leave the house at 9 for the thing that's going to keep me up until midnight.


In other news, I am madly in love with Claudia Black. She is just terrific.
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1) Summer is here! As is December (coincidentally).
That being the case, I must find time, this evening, to put up all my Christmas decorations.

2) Caleb, used to adults referring to me as "Auntie Deird", has always called me "DEE!"
Now, however, he's realised that there's kind of a mini vowel shift in the middle somewhere. So I've suddenly become "Ahn Dey-ard".

3) Every time I see the little speed-bumpy thingys in between escalators at Parliament station, I get an inexplicable urge to sit on the middle bit, and slide down - speed bumps or no speed bumps.

4) Tea with milk and sugar is GOOD.

5) I'm about to have one of the busiest weeks of my year, and somewhere in there I've got to find the time to write a whole bunch of fic, AND a mini drama for a Carols service.

6) One day, in the far-off reaches of time, I will eventually get to England. Today, though, is not that day...

7) I really, really need sleep. But have a whole day of work to get through. Am substituting for sleep with tea and internet. Seems to work.
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Elf has apparently decided that he no longer wants to sleep on my feet.
Instead, he wants to sleep at the top end of the bed, and have me pat him while he sleeps - all... night... long...

This is not conducive to me getting enough rest.

I know I should just kick him off so that I can get at least one night's sleep without being nuzzled awake every half hour for more patting, but I really can't. I just love the fact that this little fuzzy animal thinks there is nothing so cool as being patted by me, and starts purring every time I pay him attention...


Sep. 4th, 2008 08:20 am
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(According to Georgette Heyer, a female traitor should be known as a "traitress". I look forward to using this word in everyday life.)

Evil Elf hasn't been seen for a while. Filling in for him is someone I have started thinking of as Karaoke Cat.
a night of almost-music and frustration )

Cat Wars

Jun. 9th, 2008 07:56 am
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I didn't get much sleep last night.

a battle )


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