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I think I've figured out why I have such a big problem with what happens to Donna Noble: it's because of Dawn Summers.

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I was talking about Fred over at [ profile] blackfrancine's journal, and (among other things) said the following:

Fred is a survivalist. Utterly. She will do whatever she can to keep herself safe. (Being enslaved in another dimension will do that to you.)
She latches on to the most protective guy. (Starting with Angel, who saved her in Pylea. Then she finds Angel and Lilah together, and Angel becomes unsafe, so it switches to the others.) Seriously - every single time she changes who she's interested in, it's because the Protectiveness Quotient has just changed.

I thought I'd give a brief summary of Fred's relationships, just to show you what I mean.

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You might have noticed me posting the occasional fic commentary – mostly for [ profile] lavastar, who is insatiable.

But I got stuck. Because she requested a commentary for Not, Now, which… well, it’d probably end up being 5% fic and 95% commentary, and most of it would have very little to do with what I’ve written. Mainly because the actual story I’ve got in my head is novel-length. So, instead of writing a commentary, I just decided to post a rambly discussion of the hugely epic fic I never quite got around to writing…

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So, back to shipping…

I have three basic things which turn me shippy:
1) the two of them are enemies
2) one of them can’t say “I love you”
3) one person is more invested in the relationship than the other one

Let’s talk about the third one.

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Someone, recently, was commenting on the Buffy/Spike comic cover that was released – you know, the one with them fighting back-to-back. And they pointed out that, in fact, none of the Dark Horse people thought it was a shippy cover, because they didn’t realise that Buffy and Spike fighting back-to-back is incredibly shippy from a Spuffyish perspective.

In fact, a shippy Bangel cover is going to look very different from a shippy Spuffy cover, just because the two groups of fans have very different ideas about what a happy outcome is.

Which is all a long, roundabout way of saying that I’ve been thinking about what happy endings I’d want for each character…

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Okay. I give in.

*** The Comic Covers Ficathon (now with less comics) ***

The idea:
1) Choose a Jo Chen cover from season 8.
2) Write a fic that has nothing to do with the plot of season 8, for which the cover would still make sense.

Jo Chen's covers can be found here. (And here - thanks Emmie.)

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(Did I mention I have no idea what I'm doing? Feel free to give me pointers. And please join in! I'll feel really stupid if no-one participates...)


Aug. 4th, 2010 03:24 pm
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You know what would be a fun ficathon?

1) Choose a Jo Chen cover from season 8.
2) Write a fic that has nothing to do with the plot of season 8, for which the cover would still make sense.

Not sure how you'd get a Dawn-as-centaur plotline that had nothing to do with season 8, but still...
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Dawn Summers is so lovely. :)

And entirely too well-written. She really is just like a younger-sisterish, less self-conscious version of Buffy...

*needs more icons*


Jul. 12th, 2010 07:41 pm
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You know, when Angel was on BtVS, I never really liked him.

But ever since the moment he dramatically jumped into his car (dramatic music playing dramatically) to dramatically, heroically, spectacularly save the girl... and then realised he was in the wrong car, I have loved him.

Angel as the dark, dramatic, tragic hero is annoying. Angel as the guy who thinks of himself as a dark, dramatic, tragic hero - but is actually ever-so-slightly dorky - is just cute.

*is rewatching season 1*
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You know, it’s really quite hard to introduce people to a show by watching funny episodes.

Take BtVS. If you decide to show someone all the really great episodes, that they absolutely must watch, it’s fairly simple to come up with a list. (For the record – no matter who you ask, you’ll get at least five of the following suggestions: Hush, Once More With Feeling, Fool For Love, The Body, The Gift, Conversations With Dead People, Restless, Becoming, and Normal Again. Every time.)

Funny episodes, though?

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You know, as much as I dislike season 8, right now I'm actually missing it.

Mainly because every new issue brings many fun and snarky posts from members of my flist, plus lots and lots of crackfic.

What are we going to do to relieve the boredom until November? We need something controversial and insane to happen - so that we can all get extra snarky about it! Quick! Someone think of something!

For instance:


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Because I get wildly curious about unimportant matters such as punctuation.

[Poll #1573612]

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This was mentioned in a few posts on my flist this morning, and I got all curious.

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Questions? Comments?
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- If I could get rid of everything else in the comics, but leave Satsu, I'd be rather happy with that. She kinda rocks.

- I am utterly and completely squicked by Castiel (from Supernatural) and what happened to Donna (in Doctor Who), but have absolutely no problems with Dollhouse. Weird...

- I need many more icons of Dawn. And of Buffy.

- The Heroes writers really should have stuck to their original plan and had each season focusing on an entirely different group with a totally different plotline. I think it would have worked.

- Matt Smith is fast becoming my favourite Doctor ever.

In other news, my cat is being bossed around by a kitten approximately one-eighth of his size, my house is recovering from a fondue party, and my remix fic will NOT GET WRITTEN.
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I find it rather fascinating comparing Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered with Him.

Especially since they're basically the same episode, except that BB&B is done entirely from the perspective of the guy everyone's falling in love with, and Him is almost entirely from the perspective of the love-struck women.

*contemplates it some more*

*gives up on contemplation, and giggles over the Buffy Rat and the rocket launcher scene*
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I was just thinking about my favourite tv shows and the moment I first realised I was going to love them.

Surprisingly, they were actually all quite similar. Although... not.

err... mild spoilers for many shows )

I like many shows. For many reasons. But the thing that makes me grin and love them is when they start surprising me. When I can see the standard tv moment that's about to happen - and then something else happens instead. When a show about gothic, dramatic vampires turns out to be more interested in punk vampires who roll their eyes at the rules. When it's suddenly not what I thought it was, and I suddenly don't know everything.

I love that.
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My favourite tv/books/etc include:
- massive curry monsters
- dragons with explosive digestion
- an episode in with everyone turns into Looney Tunes cartoons
- England being ruled by mermaids
- a song about the wonder that is SUITS
- Lois and Clark getting married by an angel and then going back in time to break a soulmates-consummation-curse
- Groundhog Day
- people being brought back to life by a piemaker
- people being welcomed into their death by grim reapers who hang out at a waffle restaurant
- The Muppet Show
- a fashion consultant turned bounty hunter
- a planet filled with nothing but Arnold Rimmer, over and over again
- Death's grand-daughter fighting evil with half of Time's son and a formerly-evil chick who suicides in a vat of chocolate
- fanfic all-Penguin AUs

And this? Twangel destiny-sex that destroys the world?

This is too cracky for me.

Here endeth the lesson.
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So apparently, Buffy should have killed Spike in season 4 – except the season was badly plotted, and the writers were trying to get Spike into the show as a regular so she couldn’t kill him – but otherwise she absolutely would have killed him rather than helping him.

This seems to be a common opinion around LJ. And I completely disagree.

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Everyone who writes crossover fic seems to like pairing up Faith with the resident badass fighter. Personally, I think it's much more interesting pairing her up with someone stuffy and intellectual.

(In other news, [ profile] snickfic and [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni are clearly right about everything, and I should always always read Faith/Giles fic.)

Also, under the cut, Spike and Angel!

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