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They screwed up Robyn's character.

(Preliminary note: I did actually enjoy this movie. Quite a bit, in fact. Given that this is going to be a post almost entirely made up of complaint, I should probably start with that.)

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TV shows that I love beyond reason: Buffy, Farscape, Frasier, Doctor Who, Tru Calling, Castle, Sarah Connor Chronicles

Shows from that list that I actually have stuff to say about: Buffy

The thing is, I love a lot of shows. But that doesn't actually translate into fic, meta, polls, vids, or anything else - except with Buffy, for some reason.

Now, though, I'm getting slightly weirded out: because for the first time in years, I seem to have discovered a show I might end up getting fannish about in the same way I am fannish over Buffy.

That being Avatar: the Last Airbender.

I love it. I haven't even finished watching it yet (dumb Aussie dvd releases *grumble*), but I love it.

And I predict that, if Avatar: Legend of Korra is anything like it looks like being, I'm going to end up with fic. And much meta.

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- Voted in an election that still has no result. Apparently, our country has no firm opinions, and can't decide who we want in charge.

- Went to a birthday dinner for my sister. Three excitable nephews, LOTS of pasta, and a nice time. Also, the boyfriend met the rest of my family. :)

- Abandoned the new novel I'm halfway through, and picked up an Agatha Christie novel I've read several times. Had just got to the first murder (strangled girl guide) when I remembered that I'm actually trying to learn Latin and haven't looked at it for a while. Abandoned murder mystery before the second murder (drowned grandfather) and turned to Latin accusative forms - and then realised the second murder is where the whole thing gets interesting, and returned to Agatha Christie.
I seem to be indecisive...

- When I got home last night, Smudge (the kitten) came running to the door, realised it was me, and walked off disappointed. He's definitely a one-woman-cat.

- Played Knightmare Chess with the boyfriend today, who beat me very quickly - despite the fact that I'd ended up with 4 queens.

- Am halfway through House season 6. I think this might end up being my favourite season of the show. It's brilliant.

- Next weekend, by hook or by crook, I am getting new plants for my garden and planting them where the Evil Roses Of Doom have been sitting. It's spring, and I need my pretty flowers!


Aug. 16th, 2010 10:33 am
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I've finished the first season of Glee.

Basically? I agree with my initial assessment, I think it's cheesy and remarkably silly - and I love it for that - and Sue Sylvester is awesome.

Also, the scene with Quinn giving birth to the Bohemian Rhapsody is brilliant and I love it and would like to cuddle it and give it chocolates and squidge it into tiny little pieces of awesome. Because it's really that good.

Not a show with a great deal of depth, and certainly not much meta-potential, but I do enjoy it.
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Randomly, and for no reason, I'd like to talk about Days of our Lives.

Specifically, the episodes of DooL I watched in the summer between high school and uni - when I briefly became obsessed with it.

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(There was really no point to this story. I just felt like discussing it.)
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Best way to make me buy far too many dvds?

Lend me one - but before you give it to me, scratch it horribly.

I hired a few movies last night - among them, Jurassic Park - which I have seen before a couple of times, but don't like enough to actually buy it.

...but it was scratched. Halfway through, it started skipping horribly, and missing lots of plot. So I promptly ran out to buy it.

(This has happened a few times before. I now own 2 copies of Lois & Clark season 2, just because one episode started skipping, and I was halfway through watching it at the time. I can't bear leaving stories half-finished.)

new show

Jul. 19th, 2010 09:49 pm
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Yep. I'm a fan of Glee.

Wasn't expecting to be, really. It sounded kinda cheesy. But it's so completely over the top, and well aware that it is...

Plus - music! Yay!

(Favourite things so far include Kurt dancing, Mercedes singing, Sue Sylvester talking, and Quinn doing everything ever.)
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(Because I've watched both shows far too much...)

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In conclusion? Frasier is way better. *nods*
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I am suddenly immersed in high school shenanigans.

Currently re-reading a book series by Jaclyn Moriarty, in which Aussie high school students write many fun and exciting letters. (They're really good! Read them!)

Aaaaand now I'm watching Glee. *facepalm* Yet another tv show I will be watching far too much of, by the looks of it.
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You know, it’s really quite hard to introduce people to a show by watching funny episodes.

Take BtVS. If you decide to show someone all the really great episodes, that they absolutely must watch, it’s fairly simple to come up with a list. (For the record – no matter who you ask, you’ll get at least five of the following suggestions: Hush, Once More With Feeling, Fool For Love, The Body, The Gift, Conversations With Dead People, Restless, Becoming, and Normal Again. Every time.)

Funny episodes, though?

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Useful thing about being home sick?

In the past two days, I've watched nearly two seasons of House. *is having fun*

(Don't worry - I'm almost not!sick again. I just need to get back the ability to stand upright, and I'll be fine...)
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- If I could get rid of everything else in the comics, but leave Satsu, I'd be rather happy with that. She kinda rocks.

- I am utterly and completely squicked by Castiel (from Supernatural) and what happened to Donna (in Doctor Who), but have absolutely no problems with Dollhouse. Weird...

- I need many more icons of Dawn. And of Buffy.

- The Heroes writers really should have stuck to their original plan and had each season focusing on an entirely different group with a totally different plotline. I think it would have worked.

- Matt Smith is fast becoming my favourite Doctor ever.

In other news, my cat is being bossed around by a kitten approximately one-eighth of his size, my house is recovering from a fondue party, and my remix fic will NOT GET WRITTEN.
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I was just thinking about my favourite tv shows and the moment I first realised I was going to love them.

Surprisingly, they were actually all quite similar. Although... not.

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I like many shows. For many reasons. But the thing that makes me grin and love them is when they start surprising me. When I can see the standard tv moment that's about to happen - and then something else happens instead. When a show about gothic, dramatic vampires turns out to be more interested in punk vampires who roll their eyes at the rules. When it's suddenly not what I thought it was, and I suddenly don't know everything.

I love that.
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Have I mentioned lately that Sarah Connor Chronicles is my favourite show ever?

Because it is. It's awesome. And wonderful. And generally perfect.

...of course there's also the tiny matter of Buffy the Vampire Slayer being my favourite show ever. And Farscape. And also Frasier, and Avatar: the Last Airbender, NCIS, Tru Calling, Newsradio, and Firefly.

But RIGHT NOW TODAY, Sarah Connor Chronicles is my favourite show ever. And will remain so for at least the next ten minutes.
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My favourite tv/books/etc include:
- massive curry monsters
- dragons with explosive digestion
- an episode in with everyone turns into Looney Tunes cartoons
- England being ruled by mermaids
- a song about the wonder that is SUITS
- Lois and Clark getting married by an angel and then going back in time to break a soulmates-consummation-curse
- Groundhog Day
- people being brought back to life by a piemaker
- people being welcomed into their death by grim reapers who hang out at a waffle restaurant
- The Muppet Show
- a fashion consultant turned bounty hunter
- a planet filled with nothing but Arnold Rimmer, over and over again
- Death's grand-daughter fighting evil with half of Time's son and a formerly-evil chick who suicides in a vat of chocolate
- fanfic all-Penguin AUs

And this? Twangel destiny-sex that destroys the world?

This is too cracky for me.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Rewatching Tru Calling, and I have three questions:

1) Cancellation? Right then? What on earth was Fox thinking?

2) Would it be possible to hire a kidnapper and a surgeon, and have a scalp transplant so I can get Eliza Dushku's hair?

3) Why is there no Tru/Jack fic? WHY???
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Saw it this afternoon.

Or rather... saw the first third, fast-forwarded through at least 50% of the second third, and then rolled my eyes, pressed eject, and caught up with the rest of the plot on Wikipedia. It really sucks.

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It's all [ profile] nquisitor's fault, when you get right down to it.

In 2005, during a regular old lunchtime at uni, I happened to mention that I'd never seen Firefly. Two minutes later, I had the dvd in my hands, and [ profile] nquisitor was standing over me, making me promise that I would watch it that very evening, or face her wrath.

So, I took home Firefly. And I watched it.


Why am I posting this now? Because my flist has been passing round a meme about which dvds they own – and it got me thinking.

(You'll see what I mean.)

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Feb. 1st, 2010 08:21 pm
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Am currently rewatching Ultraviolet, for the first time since 2004.

This was my absolute favourite vampire show ever - back in the days when I thought "Buffy" was a really stupid name for a main character.


Jan. 27th, 2010 10:15 pm
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Just saw Stardust.

How has everyone not convinced me to see this ages ago? It's really good.


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