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- Voted in an election that still has no result. Apparently, our country has no firm opinions, and can't decide who we want in charge.

- Went to a birthday dinner for my sister. Three excitable nephews, LOTS of pasta, and a nice time. Also, the boyfriend met the rest of my family. :)

- Abandoned the new novel I'm halfway through, and picked up an Agatha Christie novel I've read several times. Had just got to the first murder (strangled girl guide) when I remembered that I'm actually trying to learn Latin and haven't looked at it for a while. Abandoned murder mystery before the second murder (drowned grandfather) and turned to Latin accusative forms - and then realised the second murder is where the whole thing gets interesting, and returned to Agatha Christie.
I seem to be indecisive...

- When I got home last night, Smudge (the kitten) came running to the door, realised it was me, and walked off disappointed. He's definitely a one-woman-cat.

- Played Knightmare Chess with the boyfriend today, who beat me very quickly - despite the fact that I'd ended up with 4 queens.

- Am halfway through House season 6. I think this might end up being my favourite season of the show. It's brilliant.

- Next weekend, by hook or by crook, I am getting new plants for my garden and planting them where the Evil Roses Of Doom have been sitting. It's spring, and I need my pretty flowers!
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I dug up two roses today. Very hard work.

*is exhausted and dirt-covered*

There are still two left to dig up. If I just leave them there and keep cutting them so that they can't grow, will they die? (If so, I think I might wait until they die, and then dig them out later...)

Next I'm going to replace the roses with nice bushes of some variety. No idea what - but I'll stop in at a nursery this week and ask for suggestions.

Somehow, I seem to have become a gardener...


Jun. 5th, 2010 06:17 pm
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I'm getting astonishingly domestic.

Just got home from an engagement party. A few years ago, I would have said "Eh. I'll get pizza for dinner. After all, I've had a busy day... at a party. Pizza will be good."

Now, though?

I come home from my party, put on slippers and a fuzzy dressing gown, and...
...make a roast dinner.

My idea of a slack evening at home really isn't the same anymore.
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1) Am currently posting from housemate's computer, because Lilac is stubbornly refusing to turn on at ALL. This is inhibiting my ability to do very important homework - and also to check very unimportant (but fun) internetness.

2) Went to my ten year high school reunion last night. One of my classmates had a comb-over. This is making me feel old...

3) Have almost no voice, due to being sick this week. Made worse by a) talking to people at the very loud reunion, and b) spending ages on the phone to the Apple guys trying to placate Lilac.

4) Have no heating in my house. Very freezing. I've set up a tiny little space heater, which Smudge adores and is lying in front of looking cute and kittenish. Elf is taking advantage of this distraction to enjoy the rest of the house, kitten-harrassment-free.

5) Have a messy house. Really should clean it up. Have no time.

So... no voice, no computer, no heating... *sighs*

Life is good. I have lovely nephews, and pattable cats, and a bookcase of fascinating reading material, and a piano, and cough drops, and wine, and I WILL BE HAPPY, DAMMIT.

*glares at world stubbornly*
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- If I could get rid of everything else in the comics, but leave Satsu, I'd be rather happy with that. She kinda rocks.

- I am utterly and completely squicked by Castiel (from Supernatural) and what happened to Donna (in Doctor Who), but have absolutely no problems with Dollhouse. Weird...

- I need many more icons of Dawn. And of Buffy.

- The Heroes writers really should have stuck to their original plan and had each season focusing on an entirely different group with a totally different plotline. I think it would have worked.

- Matt Smith is fast becoming my favourite Doctor ever.

In other news, my cat is being bossed around by a kitten approximately one-eighth of his size, my house is recovering from a fondue party, and my remix fic will NOT GET WRITTEN.


Apr. 30th, 2010 05:33 pm
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HUGE tv.

...well, possibly not so huge, but it feels like it - comparatively speaking. And it also has changeable sizes, and digital channels, and the ability for me to actually see what is happening in the night scenes on Buffy!


This is one of the many benefits of having new housemate arriving...

(Anyone know what I can do with the old crappy tv?)
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Not sure what I'm going to do this weekend, but I'm hoping it will involve cooking yummy caramel slice, watching lots of television, and making some more of the quilt I'm never going to finish.

It will probably involve cooking boring dinners, cleaning up, and thinking about how I'm never going to finish my quilt.

Either way, it'd better involve nephews, or I will not be happy with the universe.


Apr. 4th, 2010 01:33 pm
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I just made myself roast beef with apples. It worked well.

So weird - I'd never think of fruit as something you could have with roast beef, but I was getting out lots of veggies to roast, saw the apples sitting there, and thought "Hey, they had roast bear with apples in Narnia. It's got to work."

And it did!

For all those who wish to experience this yummy dish: beef, chopped apples, onion, and rosemary. Then roast. It's very worthwhile.
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My house is currently playing host to two teeny cats.

They are the miniest kittens I have ever seen in my life, they have the teeniest little cat mews, and they're currently both wet and bedraggled from the tummy down - because they both had pooey tails, and I had to wash them in the bathroom sink.

This is all because my friend's kittens needed worming, and asked if she could keep them here so that when the worming stuff makes them start pooing everywhere, they'd get it all over my laundry rather than all over her bedroom. And I went "Hey, cute kittens. Sounds fine by me..."

They are cute. They are also fascinated by my laptop, and keep trying to walk over the keys while I'm using LJ. (Any comments you get from me filled with nothing but jjkdfnms dfyuw ekjgmrmbb are probably a kitten in disguise.)

Elf is not happy, and keeps eyeing them balefully from a distance.

clean car

Mar. 28th, 2010 08:37 pm
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Washing cars is much more exciting, now that there's a drought.

It used to be me, with two buckets and a hose, standing in the driveway for ages, and getting increasingly anxious to just finish, so I could go back inside.

Now, though, we're not allowed to do that anymore. All car washings have to happen in an official way, down at the petrol station.

Which means me, holding a SuperPowerful Hose of DOOM, and a huge brush with massive amounts of white foam pumping out at an amazingly fast rate, and water spraying everywhere at top speed, and me getting soaked to the skin and NOT CARING, because I hold the Hose of DOOM and can spray water really really fast while cackling evilly.

...okay. Not cackling evilly. Well, not much.

It's really fun!


Feb. 9th, 2010 06:54 pm
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I have a new life goal.

I'm going to become a wizard (much in the style of Harry Potter), and the first spell I'm going to learn will be Mortus Antus.

If that fails, I'll become a wizard (in the style of D&D), and the first spell I'm going to learn will be +5 to Ant Death.

In other news, the evil ants that invade my house have returned.

This time, they couldn't find much food. Or many sticky things. So they went for the only thing on offer: the cat biscuits.

My poor cat spent the entire day unable to eat because an ant army was crawling all over his food. Then I got home, sprayed Mortein everywhere, and kicked him outside (because he now had poisonous food).

*hates all ants with a passion*


Feb. 3rd, 2010 08:50 pm
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Had some fancy china delivered yesterday - in a box that could have fit ten times as much china in it, but instead (to prevent breakages) was filled mostly with shredded paper. In fact, there was so much shredded paper in it that it took me over ten minutes to find the china...

We've been having rehearsals in a theatre with lots of chalk outlines painted on the floor (are they still chalk outlines if they're painted?). It's kinda freaky trying to rehearse while avoiding imaginary dead bodies.

I'm making caramel slice again! Woo! *feels very domestic*

Plants vs Zombies is a fantastic computer game, and far too addictive. (And I'm doing very well at it.)


Jan. 21st, 2010 09:20 pm
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I concluded my wonderfully relaxing day (still not back at work...) by extensive weeding - and then by pulling up two dead trees, weeding even more, digging a big hole, and transplanting another plant to a completely new location.

I came inside completely covered in dirt, and sweating profusely, and retreated to a bubble bath of relaxingy goodness.

When I pulled out the dead trees, I discovered that the ants I keep trying to get rid of have been camping out under those trees in an attempt to stop me wiping them out. When I attacked, they panicked, and landed all over me (amongst splatters of dirt), where they promptly started BITING. (I didn't even know this sort of ant could bite. And it hurt.)

This was the other reason I really needed a bath. Only way to get lots of teeny bitey creatures off me.

I've put in an awful lot of effort this evening, over all.

Is it possible to become an avid gardener against your will?
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So, what have I been up to for the last week or so?

1) Christmas shopping. Finally got it all done, and then discovered on the day that I'd bought Alex the same present as Mum had - so I have to return one of them.

2) Christmas celebratoryness. Otherwise known as a church thing, a family thing, another church thing, another family thing, yet another family thing, and an ungainly collapse.

3) SLEEP. Yesterday I was still taking a three hour nap in the middle of the day... but as of today, I think I'm actually back to normal.

4) Nephew-sitting. Which included supervising two little boys, who have decided that the best part of bath time is getting to throw water at each other. (I also had to smack Alex for the first time ever at one point, which made me feel horribly guilty, even though it was the right thing to do. But he started crying, and looked so horrified, and... *guilts*)

5) Watching Josh almost walk by himself. He's so close! Any second now he's going to be walking without any help from anyone.

6) Having my housemate leave. She's decided to move back in with her parents. So I'm by myself again...

7) Trying very hard to come up with a fanfic for this week's challenge. And failing. I am idea-less.

8) Doing cross-stitch. (I am SO SICK of stitching in brown and yellow.)

9) Staying indoors, where it's vaguely cool. Outside, it's 36 degrees (97 F).

10) Watching episodes of Big Bang Theory, and laughing hysterically.
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Ack! Quick! Someone post a fic at AO3! We're level with Harry Potter, and they're about to overtake us!

In other news, it is December 1st. So I am busily decorating my house with lots of Christmassy stuff. Once finished, I must post photos...


Nov. 27th, 2009 07:49 pm
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The two newest members of the menagerie:

soft toys )
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Tonight I went to a Tupperware party, where I bought a colander.

And yes, okay, I bought some other stuff too. I am psychologically incapable of leaving one of those fabulous events without at least $100 worth of new Tupperware. But I still haven't bought the red jug, or the picnic set, or the funky containers - so I maintain I am still being economical and only buying things I really NEED.

It's just... I keep needing more Tupperware.
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I made caramel slice!

It was yummy!

I'm a success!
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If I ever get married, my husband's main duty will be dealing with spiders who want to eat me. completely unrelated news, my housemate's boyfriend is a wonderful guy of wonderfulness, because he came and rescued me from a huge spider on my bedroom ceiling last night, while I sat huddled on my bed and shrieked.


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