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I think I've figured out why I have such a big problem with what happens to Donna Noble: it's because of Dawn Summers.

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Questions? Comments?

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I was talking about Fred over at [ profile] blackfrancine's journal, and (among other things) said the following:

Fred is a survivalist. Utterly. She will do whatever she can to keep herself safe. (Being enslaved in another dimension will do that to you.)
She latches on to the most protective guy. (Starting with Angel, who saved her in Pylea. Then she finds Angel and Lilah together, and Angel becomes unsafe, so it switches to the others.) Seriously - every single time she changes who she's interested in, it's because the Protectiveness Quotient has just changed.

I thought I'd give a brief summary of Fred's relationships, just to show you what I mean.

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You might have noticed me posting the occasional fic commentary – mostly for [ profile] lavastar, who is insatiable.

But I got stuck. Because she requested a commentary for Not, Now, which… well, it’d probably end up being 5% fic and 95% commentary, and most of it would have very little to do with what I’ve written. Mainly because the actual story I’ve got in my head is novel-length. So, instead of writing a commentary, I just decided to post a rambly discussion of the hugely epic fic I never quite got around to writing…

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So, back to shipping…

I have three basic things which turn me shippy:
1) the two of them are enemies
2) one of them can’t say “I love you”
3) one person is more invested in the relationship than the other one

Let’s talk about the third one.

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You know, it’s really quite hard to introduce people to a show by watching funny episodes.

Take BtVS. If you decide to show someone all the really great episodes, that they absolutely must watch, it’s fairly simple to come up with a list. (For the record – no matter who you ask, you’ll get at least five of the following suggestions: Hush, Once More With Feeling, Fool For Love, The Body, The Gift, Conversations With Dead People, Restless, Becoming, and Normal Again. Every time.)

Funny episodes, though?

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There has been a large amount of discussion on [ profile] metafandom this week about Mary-Sue’s. People have been arguing that Mary-Sue’s are great, that they suck, that they’re a phase that everyone goes through, that they should be encouraged, and that they should be banned from fanfic. But there doesn’t seem to be much agreement about what “Mary-Sue” actually means.

Interestingly, it looks from here like the pro-Sue side are defining her as “an original female character who does fun stuff”, and the anti-Sue side are thinking of her as “an original character who warps the story around her”. (I’d love to know if the pro-Sues think the anti-Sues hate female characters – or if the antis think the pros love story-warping – but I’m going slightly off-topic, here.)

So what I wanted to discuss was my definition of a Mary-Sue, and what its place should be in a story. Or, in fact:

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So apparently, Buffy should have killed Spike in season 4 – except the season was badly plotted, and the writers were trying to get Spike into the show as a regular so she couldn’t kill him – but otherwise she absolutely would have killed him rather than helping him.

This seems to be a common opinion around LJ. And I completely disagree.

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I've seen quite a few comments lately saying "They should have taken out the one-shots and focused on the main story" or "It's going on too long - why didn't they get to the Twangel bit faster?" or similar.

And it surprises me. Because, actually, I'd want the opposite.

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So – Andrew being gay.

I get a little sick of the constant assumption throughout fandom that he is (Mainly because I’ve never seen him as gay, and everyone has to agree with me. About everything.), but I can deal with that.

The problem is, I don’t actually like gay!Andrew. The guy sucks.

Normally I wouldn’t say making a character gay/straight/whatever would have too much impact on their personality. Ship away! I’ll still like the character! But with Andrew it’s not quite that simple.

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So… Spike and Buffy at the end of the show.

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So, that’s what I think. Today, anyway.
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I think I've figured out why it's taken me six months to watch the season finale of House - and I still haven't watched it yet.

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I saw a discussion about Buffyverse characters the other day, in which someone said they couldn't relate to Faith or Spike because they're "cool". which point everyone else jumped on them and said "What do you mean they're cool? They're not cool really! They're just pretending! It's a defense mechanism!"

Which got me thinking.

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Nov. 7th, 2009 11:49 am
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I realised something unexpected this morning.

It was because [ profile] stormwreath posted a list of all his fanfic, arranged by season. And I decided to look at mine, and see what seasons had the most stories, and so forth. (For the record: season 6 has the most. I seem to like it a lot.)

But the thing is, [ profile] stormwreath had said this:
“The challenging part, of course, is that some of these fics are mutually contradictory. I’ve written Buffy’s final death scene three times, twice in glorious battle and once of old age, peacefully in bed: they can’t all be right! So I decided which one would be my own fanon, and marked the others ‘AU’.”

…and I thought, “Oh, well that probably won’t happen much with mine. Maybe once, but all the rest of my post-series stuff seems to be pretty consistent.”


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(I realise I keep going on about this, but it’s bugging me…)

I’ve decided that one of the main problems with Torchwood is that it’s trying to be Angel, when it should be trying to be Going Postal.

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Jul. 30th, 2009 11:27 am
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It really is quite weird reading an internet discussion, forgetting about it, finding it again a year later, and discovering you now agree with the other side.

In other news, the Buffy comics are definitely not canon.

…possibly I should explain?

forums, comics, fanfic, canon, and why I love alien-initiated mpreg )

OCs - Y/N?

Jul. 10th, 2009 09:48 am
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Some people in [ profile] ffrantsrants are having a discussion about OCs, and if they can be written in a worthwhile way.

And most people seem to be agreeing that, yes, they can - as long as they aren't the central characters in the story.

Which... I find interesting.

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Rather randomly, it has occurred to me that, really, Buffy has a lot in common with the Ninth Doctor.

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As you might have noticed, I’ve written quite a lot of fanfic in the last year and a half.

And, if you’re very observant, you might have noticed that the majority of it has “written for the _____ prompt at [ profile] still_grrr at the top.
Those that don’t will almost certainly be “written for [ profile] open_on_sunday, or “written for [ profile] good__evil, or possibly “written for [ profile] deird1.

This is because challenge communities rock. Completely.

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You know, there are some things Grey's Anatomy does very well.

Like the way they introduced Addison Shepherd.

cut for spoilers... from several seasons ago )

I love it when TV is suddenly good at stuff.
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You know what I’ve realised?
I just don’t understand how someone can like a show, and not like all the characters.

I mean, I’m aware that it’s possible. I know a lot of people who can’t stand various characters, and are still definitely fans of the show – so clearly this is just me being odd, but still… I have no idea how that works.

It’s certainly not the way I work.

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