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I'm going to Ballarat for a Stargate watching marathon with [ profile] immer_am_lesen.
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Spent yesterday sitting on a couch watching enormous amounts of SGA with [ profile] immer_am_lesen.

Spent today on the internet, exploring a very shiny new archive.

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You know what I’ve realised?
I just don’t understand how someone can like a show, and not like all the characters.

I mean, I’m aware that it’s possible. I know a lot of people who can’t stand various characters, and are still definitely fans of the show – so clearly this is just me being odd, but still… I have no idea how that works.

It’s certainly not the way I work.

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Feb. 5th, 2009 06:01 am
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(Okay, so I was bored.)

Here's a multifandom poll, just for fun.

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Questions? Comments?
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So, along with the whole enemies in love thing, I think I've figured out another thing that turns me into a rabid shipper...

At least one of the pair cannot say "I love you".

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Jan. 5th, 2009 09:49 pm
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Finished! Finally finished this most ridiculous of shows, which is far too addictive for its own good!

(Yes, I did just watch three seasons in one hit. I am slightly obsessed.)

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Dec. 25th, 2008 08:28 pm
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Well, Christmas Day is at an end, and I have...

...a new Lemony Snicket book.
...sung far too many carols.
...two adorable (and exhausting) nephews.
...bikkies made by the nephews.*
...a definite need for sleep.
...The Tales of Beedle the Bard.
...done quite enough for this week.
...a camera.**
...a whole lot of camera accessories.
...finally seen episode 200.***
...seen lots of rellies.
...written some fic commentaries.****
...a smile on my face.


**Yes! That's right, [ profile] dreamincolor! I have a camera! It takes pictures and everything!

*** The only reason I actually started watching this silly show in the first place...

**** Stay tuned!

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To all people in sci-fi shows:

Do not build computers that "learn".

Do not enter virtual reality software.

Do not build software that traps your mind inside the game.

Do not trust the failsafe measures built into such games.

Do not build hardware that can give you electric shocks (however "minor" and "harmless") when you're inside the virtual reality game you really shouldn't have gone into.

If someone ever offers to send you into a virtual reality game that will trap your mind inside the computer until you finish the scenario, in the hopes that the Learning Computer will learn from you, and assures you not to worry because there are plenty of failsafes, RUN LIKE HELL!

This message was brought to you by the SG-1 team, who after eight years still haven't learnt the most basic rules of sci-fi.
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I've just mainlined two seasons of Stargate.

seasons 6 AND 7 )
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When my New World Order takes control of the galaxy, people's names will have to be pronounced exactly as I expect them to sound based on the spelling.

After a year and a half of seeing "Dr Rodney McKay" in print, I'm now having to adjust to the fact that his name does not rhyme with "sigh" (as all previous "McKay"s I've known did), but instead rhymes with "say".
This is confusing me...
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I am rapidly becoming obsessed with this show. It's not my fault, really - it just keeps being all awesome at me, and I want to watch it even more...

season 5 )
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A poll of great silliness, involving quite a few of the TV shows I know well.

So, there's this broken machine... )

Also: apparently half my flist likes country & western music. Who knew?
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This show really is getting better and better.

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After careful consideration, I've decided that I'm watching:

the House Is So Snarky And Awesome show
the Ten And His Sonic Screwdriver show
the Harvey Is The World's Best Hallucination show, AND the Crichton/Aeryn show
the Gaius Is So Crazy show
the Fred Burkle show, AND the Angel/Darla show
the Jen Lindley Has Incredible Hair show
the Niles/Daphne show
the Jack O'Neill Snarks With The Best Of Them show, AND the You Seriously Expect Me To Believe That Insane Physics? show
the Harrison Davies show
the Ziva, Abby, And Ducky show, AND the Gibbs Hits People On The Back Of The Head show

...and, when it comes to BtVS, far too many to list - including the Tony Head Variety Hour, the Spuffy show, the Tara Maclay Is Secretly Snarky show, and the Awesome Soundtrack show.
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Finally! I have been waiting for this day for months now. Being much more used to Publicity Photo Daniel than to On Screen Daniel, I spent a lot of the first season being freaked out by him having the wrong haircut. And they left his hair like that just long enough for me to now be getting freaked out by his far-too-short-and-unDaniely haircut.
Mind you, I can see why they gave him the original hair. Not just because he had to look like James Spader - but really, Michael Shanks with non-fluffy hair looks too Spunky Hollywood Actor for words. Without the hair and glasses, there's no way anyone watching would have believed that he was a science nerd.
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Is it just me, or did Stargate suddenly get hardcore and awesome?
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Congratulate me, for I have definitive proof that time travel must be possible: the Stargate characters are no longer behaving in ways that are likely to get them killed.

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... it's a quote from Galaxy Quest. And I think it's applicable.

I'm beginning to notice a pattern:
1) SG1 travels to new planet, to find a new weapon, discover some new information, or something else cool.
2) SG1 gets to new planet, and things immediately start going badly. Very badly.
3) SG1 panics, and tries to figure out a way out of the crisis.
4) Having solved the crisis, SG1 celebrates and returns home, completely forgetting that they achieved absolutely none of their original aims.

This seems to happen pretty much every episode.


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