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You might have noticed me posting the occasional fic commentary – mostly for [ profile] lavastar, who is insatiable.

But I got stuck. Because she requested a commentary for Not, Now, which… well, it’d probably end up being 5% fic and 95% commentary, and most of it would have very little to do with what I’ve written. Mainly because the actual story I’ve got in my head is novel-length. So, instead of writing a commentary, I just decided to post a rambly discussion of the hugely epic fic I never quite got around to writing…

here goes... )

Questions? Comments?
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Okay. I give in.

*** The Comic Covers Ficathon (now with less comics) ***

The idea:
1) Choose a Jo Chen cover from season 8.
2) Write a fic that has nothing to do with the plot of season 8, for which the cover would still make sense.

Jo Chen's covers can be found here. (And here - thanks Emmie.)

other info )

(Did I mention I have no idea what I'm doing? Feel free to give me pointers. And please join in! I'll feel really stupid if no-one participates...)


Aug. 4th, 2010 03:24 pm
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You know what would be a fun ficathon?

1) Choose a Jo Chen cover from season 8.
2) Write a fic that has nothing to do with the plot of season 8, for which the cover would still make sense.

Not sure how you'd get a Dawn-as-centaur plotline that had nothing to do with season 8, but still...
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Not the most exciting of weeks...

Still have whooping cough. *brandishes antibiotics* Hopefully not for too much longer. I'm feeling much better.

Still have way too much work. Really need to do more of that.

Also still have a rather lovely guy being lovely at me. *grins happily* This is a very good thing - and is making my week much nicer, despite the aforementioned whooping cough.

Now, if I could just think of something to write about...

(I'm also doing the 30 days of TV meme on DW, for anyone who's interested.)
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So – the remix.

Somehow I ended up writing an NC-17 Dawn/Xander fic. Which, given that I’m a mainly-gen writer who ships Dawn/Andrew, was rather weird.

Here’s how it happened.

the thrilling tale )
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So, here's the first piece of writing I still have. I think I was 7 at the time.

It is presented, spelling mistakes all intact, for your interest and amusement.

Please note: I was heavily influenced by Enid Blyton and the Narnia books. And "Julio" is not Hispanic - it's pronounced in a similar fashion to "Juliet".

Also, I only got halfway through. This is my first ever WIP, and if you want a conclusion, you'll be waiting a very long time...

horribly purple prose )
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The thing that's annoying me most about the whole Diana Gabaldon thing?

The persistent comments of "Yeah, I know it's easier working with existing characters and plotlines, but you really should put in the extra effort and come up with your own..."

I don't know about you guys, but I for one loved how easy it was to come up with a way for Faith and Buffy to hang out mid-series, given that Faith was in jail and Buffy was... not.
and also... )

I love you, pre-existing characters and plotlines! Thank you for making my story writing so simple and effortless!
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- If I could get rid of everything else in the comics, but leave Satsu, I'd be rather happy with that. She kinda rocks.

- I am utterly and completely squicked by Castiel (from Supernatural) and what happened to Donna (in Doctor Who), but have absolutely no problems with Dollhouse. Weird...

- I need many more icons of Dawn. And of Buffy.

- The Heroes writers really should have stuck to their original plan and had each season focusing on an entirely different group with a totally different plotline. I think it would have worked.

- Matt Smith is fast becoming my favourite Doctor ever.

In other news, my cat is being bossed around by a kitten approximately one-eighth of his size, my house is recovering from a fondue party, and my remix fic will NOT GET WRITTEN.
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There has been a large amount of discussion on [ profile] metafandom this week about Mary-Sue’s. People have been arguing that Mary-Sue’s are great, that they suck, that they’re a phase that everyone goes through, that they should be encouraged, and that they should be banned from fanfic. But there doesn’t seem to be much agreement about what “Mary-Sue” actually means.

Interestingly, it looks from here like the pro-Sue side are defining her as “an original female character who does fun stuff”, and the anti-Sue side are thinking of her as “an original character who warps the story around her”. (I’d love to know if the pro-Sues think the anti-Sues hate female characters – or if the antis think the pros love story-warping – but I’m going slightly off-topic, here.)

So what I wanted to discuss was my definition of a Mary-Sue, and what its place should be in a story. Or, in fact:

What I Mean By Mary-Sue and Why I Hate Her )
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The Remix is on again! Go sign up!

In other news, here's a one-question poll:

[Poll #1541129]

(I'm not sure which option I'd like best.)
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1) That storm is still going. We're now onto Thunder Round 3, still accompanied by huge amounts of rain. No more hail, though.

2) It really bugs me that everyone who's ever talked about it thinks that Whitehat is about Nancy retaining her memories of the Wishverse afterwards.
It's actually set in early season 2 - which I've given clues to by having Larry still being a jerk. And everyone apparently thinks it's in season 3 and that Larry's just being a jerk because I wasn't paying attention... *sighs*

3) Caleb has started saying "Mum" and "Dad" instead of "Mummy" and "Daddy". This is weirding me out.

4) In preparing for yet more storm I went candle hunting, and discovered a huge supply of candles I'd never realised I had. I don't even remember buying them...

5) In season 5 of AtS, I agree much less (than the other seasons) with Angel's decisions, but still sympathise with him much more. Anyone else have similar reactions?

6) I now know many interesting facts about the Battle of Vienna. This editing course has unexpected side-benefits.
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I recently realised something about writing different dialects.

You see, I’m an Aussie. My English is (sort of) a mixture of British English and American English – with a lot of Australian slang thrown in. It makes me a pretty reasonable Britpicker for American writers, and also a pretty good Ameripicker for British writers. But there’s one area I’m not very qualified to handle: swearing.

elaboration, with some minor swearing )
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In this post on [ profile] gabrielleabelle's LJ, I was intrigued by this snippet of conversation:

[ profile] angearia - "See, I'm happy that he's back. I want Spike alive (undead) and out there causing havoc as a bad, rude man."

[ profile] gabrielleabelle - "Ah, but that's what fanfic is for! I have no doubt that if Spike's arc had ended (in canon) with Chosen, fanfic writers would still be writing happy, fluffy post-series Spuffy stories. We're just creative like that. :)"

Which I found interesting, because I wouldn't be nearly as likely to write post-series Spike fic if he'd stayed dead. I just wouldn't see it the same way.

So, I have made a mini poll, to see what others think...

post-series fic poll )
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Meme stolen from [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni:
Post a paragraph from all the WIPs you can find, no further comments.

I don't have any "WIPs" in the "already posted half of it" sense, but I do have quite a few unfinished fics floating around on my hard drive. So here goes...

some snippets )


Nov. 7th, 2009 11:49 am
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I realised something unexpected this morning.

It was because [ profile] stormwreath posted a list of all his fanfic, arranged by season. And I decided to look at mine, and see what seasons had the most stories, and so forth. (For the record: season 6 has the most. I seem to like it a lot.)

But the thing is, [ profile] stormwreath had said this:
“The challenging part, of course, is that some of these fics are mutually contradictory. I’ve written Buffy’s final death scene three times, twice in glorious battle and once of old age, peacefully in bed: they can’t all be right! So I decided which one would be my own fanon, and marked the others ‘AU’.”

…and I thought, “Oh, well that probably won’t happen much with mine. Maybe once, but all the rest of my post-series stuff seems to be pretty consistent.”


I am surprisingly bad at predicting stuff )
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Please comment on the topic you prefer to discuss...

For Writers

Do you guys often write stories where you already know how it's going to end before you start?
Not just generally knowing the plot - I'm talking the specific line that's going to be the last line in the fic.

I've just been thinking about my own writing, and I realised that, in fact, I often know the exact last line before I write the story. Mostly this means I'll end up figuring out what on earth the plot is just because I've got this last line sitting there, and I want to know how to get to it.

Does this happen to anyone else? Or just me?

(Bonus points if you can guess which of my stories started that way.)


For Unaccomplished People

I just found out that the guy who sits across from me at work - who is two years younger than me - is about to buy a house.

I am feeling very disheartened and unaccomplished.

Please, regale me with your stories of how you didn't learn how to tie your shoes until you were ten, or never ever learned how to cook - so that I can laugh at you share your pain.
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Well, after three days of sitting on my couch doing very little, I feel almost healthy again. Yay!
*prepares for going back to work on Monday*

In other news, I have writer's block. Give me prompts!

Prompt me in any way you feel like, from the mundane to the mind-boggling, and I will do my best to create you a drabble (or something longer if I get inspired).

Go nuts!
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It's rather fascinating beta-reading for a non-native speaker.

Partially because I have to think about language a lot more - and why we say "also" or "too" and what the difference is, and when we'd use "may" instead of "might", and how on earth to explain the difference between "checking on" someone and "checking up on" them.

But it's also quite interesting having to analyse the way different people talk, and how words that work for one of them really wouldn't be used by another one...

confideyness )

OCs - Y/N?

Jul. 10th, 2009 09:48 am
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Some people in [ profile] ffrantsrants are having a discussion about OCs, and if they can be written in a worthwhile way.

And most people seem to be agreeing that, yes, they can - as long as they aren't the central characters in the story.

Which... I find interesting.

on writing ...especially mine )


Jul. 6th, 2009 05:08 pm
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I think... I think... that I might maybe possibly have finished my remix fic...

*tries not to let the universe hear me, in case it decides to be vindictive and un-writes bits*


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