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[Poll #1607753]

(This question brought to you by reading a discussion on a webforum.)
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Because I get wildly curious about unimportant matters such as punctuation.

[Poll #1573612]

Questions? Comments?
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This was mentioned in a few posts on my flist this morning, and I got all curious.

pollage )

Questions? Comments?
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The Remix is on again! Go sign up!

In other news, here's a one-question poll:

[Poll #1541129]

(I'm not sure which option I'd like best.)
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(This is all beer_good_foamy's fault.)

[Poll #1526051]

Is it a regional thing? A generational thing? Why all the confusion?
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So, I come bearing pollage.

I've seen a lot of conversations about fanfic recently, in which people have discussed different pairings and said "That pairing squicks me out. It's... almost incestuous."

And I was wondering which pairings are most likely to strike people that way.

So, under the cut is a poll, full of pairings!
Rate each pairing from 1 (not incestuous in the slightest) to 10 (really really incestuous and squicky).

poll! )
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Say there's no magic...

a Buffyverse poll )
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In this post on [ profile] gabrielleabelle's LJ, I was intrigued by this snippet of conversation:

[ profile] angearia - "See, I'm happy that he's back. I want Spike alive (undead) and out there causing havoc as a bad, rude man."

[ profile] gabrielleabelle - "Ah, but that's what fanfic is for! I have no doubt that if Spike's arc had ended (in canon) with Chosen, fanfic writers would still be writing happy, fluffy post-series Spuffy stories. We're just creative like that. :)"

Which I found interesting, because I wouldn't be nearly as likely to write post-series Spike fic if he'd stayed dead. I just wouldn't see it the same way.

So, I have made a mini poll, to see what others think...

post-series fic poll )
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What's your opinion?

[Poll #1508555]

Questions? Comments?
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So, I’m curious…

What would the Watchers Council be like in a post-Chosen world?

a poll )
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...just because I was curious.

[Poll #1477434]

Why? Or why not?
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Commenters on this post seemed very split on whether they sympathised with Kate or Justine (no-one really seemed to sympathise with both).

So I started wondering…

Here's a poll - about the background characters on AtS (or the female ones, anyway) and what people's reactions to them are.

poll under cut )
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So, I’m at home in bed, and extremely bored. This requires some pollage.

Which is better - Buffy, or Angel?
take this intensive poll to decide! )
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Okay, [ profile] lavastar, you've got me interested now...

A two-question poll for everyone:

[Poll #1433659]

Questions? Comments?
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So, it's faintly possible I've been spending time looking at [ profile] sdaleconspiracy lately...

Anyway, here's a poll.

conspiracies, and so forth )


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