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Everyone who writes crossover fic seems to like pairing up Faith with the resident badass fighter. Personally, I think it's much more interesting pairing her up with someone stuffy and intellectual.

(In other news, [ profile] snickfic and [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni are clearly right about everything, and I should always always read Faith/Giles fic.)

Also, under the cut, Spike and Angel!

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So, you've decided to change careers.

Killing superheroes and plotting to take over the world just doesn't have the thrill that it used to.

Your conscience has been twinging, more and more, every time you fire up the death ray.

Your supreme overlord's maniacal laughter seems less jolly, and more... maniacal. And you've forgotten why his plan to chop the legs off of all jazz musicians seemed like such a good idea.

Plus, sooner or later, the authorities are bound to track him down. And you've heard that minions tend to get a minimum jail term of fifty years, no parole.

Any of this sound familiar?

Then here's some advice, free from me to you:

Whatever you do, do NOT march into your boss's office, and proudly tell him that you will take no further part in his evil plan, and that your conscience is clear.

Especially, do not tell him that the essential bit of his evil plan that was supposed to be your special job for tomorrow now won't be getting done, because you've changed your mind.

And then, don't walk out of there, head held high, confident that you have thwarted his scheme and that life will be perfect from now on.


Instead, just smile, calmly, reassure your boss that everything will be fine, that the scorpion pit is fully stocked, and the ninjas are on standby.
Then, walk out of his office, calmly, drive away from the lair, calmly, go home, calmly, go to South America, change your name, and never ever return... and THEN let your boss find out that you've thwarted his evil scheme.

Trust me. It'll work out much better for you.

This message was brought to you by far too many tv shows to list - but, most recently, by Lois and Clark, and some truly stupid minions.
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I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you all about one of my favourite villains, from that fabulous Superman story, Lois and Clark.

His name is Tempus - and he really is rather awesome.

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I've been cross-stitching lately, which generally involves me putting TV shows I know well on in the background, so that I have something to keep me from getting bored with the cross-stitchiness.


Lately, my Cross-Stitching Background TV has been Lois & Clark, season 3. All very fun and entertainingly nutty.

Now, though, I've reached an episode I absolutely HATE. Not because it's actually all that bad - but the emotional stuff the characters are going through is just painful, and unnecessarily painful, and I don't want to watch that episode again.


I was kind of watching them all in order...

So, instead of SKIPPING the episode, and putting the NEXT one on for me to cross-stitch to, like a sensible person would, I have put the episode on, left the room, and retreated to my computer, where I am frantically reading websites and playing solitaire until the episode GOES AWAY.

...because, then, I won't have watched them out of order. But I'll still get to not watch this unwatchable episode.

Yes, I am indeed a loon.

*continues to avoid my living room for another 20 minutes*
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Here, have a physics lesson.

Over the years, I have watched many awesome tv shows and movies that, despite their awesomeness, have managed to annoy me horribly by failing physics.

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Feb. 5th, 2009 06:01 am
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(Okay, so I was bored.)

Here's a multifandom poll, just for fun.

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Questions? Comments?
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You know, I have a real problem with superheroes not telling people about their superpowers.

Not that I think Clark Kent should fly round Metropolis yelling "I'm Clark Kent! Really! I'm just wearing this cape as a disguise!", but he should at least tell Lois.

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A poll of great silliness, involving quite a few of the TV shows I know well.

So, there's this broken machine... )

Also: apparently half my flist likes country & western music. Who knew?


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